eco yellow quartize culture wall panel

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Another reason for its increased presence may be the fact that cork is a renewable resource and an emphasis has been placed on eco friendly design over the last few years Cork is a In recent years I have seen it used in thin sheets as wall covering but never as interesting as I saw it used at Ambiente Lighting is one

Ballantyne Street by Foomann Architects, ArchiTeam sustainability award, eco certified materials used in Foomann Architects preserved much of blend into their wooded surroundings A similar material palette dominates the open plan interior of the project, with plywood interior walls and ceilings lending a rustic quality.

Aug , , solar power, local materials, sustainable development, eco Easily visible from afar, the were all sourced locally An energy efficient fireplace provides warmth in the winter, a rooftop solar panel provides energy, and a rainwater harvesting system takes advantage of the country s ubiquitous rainfall.

Apr , Doraya claims the lighter shade of blue, firozi (sky blue), so intrinsic to Jaipur blue pottery, was discovered by his great great grandfather The colour palette is restricted to blue, green, the unconventional yellow, red and brown Kavita Kanan Chandra Doraya showed us the ingredients quartz, glass,

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