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Aug , The rock n roll legend s painting of his band is metres by two metres in size and on display at Castle Fine Art, at the ICC, in Birmingham City Centre.

Oct , In another edition of Pricespotter, Curbed s listing price guessing game, we ask you to guess how much this Spanish style home in Mount Washington is asking It s recently received a pretty thorough overhaul and features a scenic detached deck.

Mar , Dark hardwood floors, intricately carved and hand painted wood beams, casement windows, vintage sconces, and a Batchelder tile fireplace add original character to the space, while white walls, beaming sunlight, and recessed lighting create a fresh modern vibe! Los Feliz, Spanish, ACME, Real Estate,

Sep , Since its debut almost years ago, midcentury modern architecture and design have stood the test of time This beautiful, streamlined aesthetic still has an allure today, as well as a strong presence in interior design You find this style s clean and simple lines, including furniture with tapered legs as well as

Jan , Oblivious to the danger, she can be seen hopping and skipping on a beach in Santander, Spain, as ferocious waves whipped up by gale force storms lash the She was unable to outrun the water and was battered against the wall at Sardinero Beach, in Santander, before being swept away by the waves.

Jun , Founded as an important Spanish port in , the Old Town of Cartagena de Indias a UNESCO world heritage site remains largely intact behind high stone walls that peer out over the Caribbean A visit here isn t your typical beach vacation, as you can just as easily immerse yourself in history, art

Sep , Start out on a longer wall and continue hanging small artwork right around the corner of your room, continuing onto the next wall for one or two feet Add depth and texture to your gallery wall by propping small objects atop frames choose art on canvas, wood and paper or use pins and strings to create

Jun , It should be noted, though, that before you do anything to your rental home painting a wall or even hanging a piece of art it s wise to check with your landlord first Instead of a headboard, you can use fun salvaged finds, such as old doors, shipping pallets, wood planks or a room divider You ll

Nov , And while the nail screwholes in planks mounting solution isn t fancy, it works photogiftguide As a contrast, Shutterfly s Upload Your Own Design Wood Wall Art ( for x , for x ) comes only in a natural grain option that really lets the wood texture shine through Shutterfly uses a

May , Even though intercoms might seem like a fancy feature for American residences, they re standard on virtually all Spanish ones, from homes to apartments In American neighborhoods, at least, most homes are built with a traditional wood frame around which the insulation, siding, and walls are put up.

Jun , Grace, a retired cosmetics executive, and Frankie, a hippie art teacher, have never seen eye to eye, but they begrudgingly decide to move in together and desk antique, Omega Cinema Props decorative items on shelves Two s Company bar stools Eleanor X back, Safavieh pendant lights over kitchen

Jan , Something to put up on the wall to guarantee that you are a specialist and know how to use these things. Still, while very fancy astrolabes remain today, there were likely plenty of others created for more ordinary people that have since rotten away if made of wood or gotten thrown back into the melting pot

Jun , This produced the classic Tudor look with the stick framing enhanced by its white stucco counterpart filling in the cavities between wood members Where do we even The Decorative Shutter These ornamental panels are typically mounted to the exterior walls on either side of the windows permanently.

Sep , Over a hundred years later the lunch wagon has evolved into a squat, Victorian looking restaurant, featuring wooden chairs and carved graffiti ridden tables and a menu offering just four items burgers, potato chips, potato salad and pie The patties are placed on vertical, antique cast iron grills that

Nov , Double doors with arched windows, wood or wrought iron grilles, and Old World elegance are features to look for Door colors often boast dark and rich finishes with decorative hardware Spanish Mediterranean Exterior by Other Metro Windows, Pella Windows and Doors Spanish Mediterranean Exterior

May , It is understood a valve failed on the inflatable and pressure built up causing the explosion which sent children high into the air before crashing down onto tarmac or grass in a town in Girona, Spain.

Aug , Self taught designer Fernando Abellanas has installed a covert studio beneath a graffiti covered bridge in the Spanish city of Valencia, making use of the concrete infrastructure to form a roof and walls for the hideaway Secret studio under a bridge by Fernando Abellanas Abellanas, who designs furniture

Oct , Spanish creative consultancy Masquespacio was tasked with designing the branding and interiors for Vino Veritas, an Oslo based Spanish Eco Gastrobar With its soft, bright and uplifting interiors, Masquespacio s design showcases natural wooden walls and ceilings painted in white, and beautiful solid

Feb , Spanish designer artist, Jaime Hayon s work is infused with a recognizable characteristic humor that goes hand in hand with superior workmanship and As a sort of living canvas of Jaime s art, each corner, wall and ceiling of the Torre Madrid bears his inventive stamp and beckons visitors to step into his

Jul , The young Spaniard was given a hero s send off mourners cheered as his jewel encrusted coffin was carried But the death of Victor Barrio has raised questions about the sport of bullfighting.

Jun , Giant inflatable turd three metres high worth £, advertising clean up campaign is STOLEN from Spanish town square Poo was erected in Torrelodones near Madrid as centerpiece of campaign Residents asked to upload photos of dog mess with hashtag NoMorePoos Campaign will go ahead despite

Feb , menu designs We d love to get our hands on this thick, beautiful wooden Vera menu Based in Zaragoza (Spain), the team at printing craft workshop El Calotipo are responsible for these beautiful, thick wooden menu designs for cafe Vera The white lettering is printed manually on an in house press, the

Oct , To bad no one had the insight to make it so the walls on both sides go out an additional four feet, much like the do with motor homes For me these people are just snobs trying to make money selling expensive sardine houses with fake permitless arguments and here in Spain, this sentence is very

Jan , If you fancy something more interesting than a painted wall, hunt out alternative surfaces The wood paneling here offers a wipe clean area and adds character to the space Farmhouse Kitchen by Christopher Howard Christopher Howard Highlight materials In a room with architectural features on

Oct , Gustavo Detter from San Vicente, Spain, died after choking himself in what is being described as a ritual carried out by players who lose matches in the fantasy multiplayer computer game.