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The solar cell module according to claim , wherein said plurality of internal reflectors internal reflector comprises a plastic housing, and the layer of Industry desperately needed is a method and system while maintaining the advantages of a smaller design of solar cells provide support and strength.

Provided are compositions, methods and systems including cementitious compositions and reinforcing materials wherein the cementitious composition comprises a metastable component.

According to any one of claims to , a solar cell sealing sheet according to claim, characterized in that the internal haze value of the sheet thickness of mm was as cement walls, resin panels, foam, heat insulation, etc to be adhered to the surface, and for the well known decorative panels.

Sep , Support wires can be used to hold up light tiles to provide a lightweight display system The system can be tensioned between structural points which will allow support wire , such as aircraft cable, to be tensioned to a degree that will allow the attachment of the LED panels The use of support wires

Furthermore, the Scott et al type prior art connector may only be used with modular floor covering units having a proprietary backing (e.g a composite glass backing) is a perspective view of a typical row house and a row housing having modular magnetic wall and roofing panels according to the present invention.

Nov , Security characteristics on the interior are headlined by the addition of the Head Up Display on the new five series This can be attained by either altering the locations or by altering the decoration of the entire area.The opposition among possibility for the diverse entrance exams is further strengthened as

Apr , Also novel wall forming units or components for the wall structure in the form of elongated hollow thermoplastic extrusions having internal walls (,,,, , each of the wall forming panels comprises an elongated hollow extrusion of thermoplastic material of generally rectilinear form presenting

Building Description Estimated date of construction Possible design use Building A (South range) To the east of Church End Farm farmhouse and fronting the positioned in a panel of brickwork, to which the surviving section of north facing wall abuts, but without obvious tying in on the exposed internal brickwork face.

Wainscoting panels were installed, and the upper portion of the walls were painted on one side of the room When we finally made the move north with the walls slid in and things placed for travel we had no issues with the fact that the furniture wasn t bolted down to Examples Of An RV Flooring Interior Remodel.

This invention relates to a vehicle trim panel having a sandwich construction including a central foam layer and fiber mats formed of natural fibers on opposed sides Sandwich constructions including fibrous mat layers and central thermoformable foam layers are widely utilized in manufacturing vehicle trim panels such as

is the use of polyolefin decorative sheet of the fifth invention of decorative panels example, represents and polymer decorative plate includes a Specifically, there can be mentioned interior doors, trunk interior, seat back decoration, instrument panel and other interior materials for automobiles.

The role of the building envelope related to the energy performance of a building and the comfort of the user is significant and, because of the sustainability aspect, is coming into focus more and more Since the introduction of the double leafed facade, it is obvious that the climate performance of a building can be an

Sep , One arrangement commonly used for furnishing open plans includes movable or portable partition panels that are detachably interconnected to partition off the open spaces into individual workstations and or offices Such partition panels have sufficient structural strength to receive hang on furniture units,

Apr , My design style is frugal repurposed eclectic (look it up, it s probably a thing), and I may or may not have chairs, coffee tables, and a dresser in my garage close x MY LATEST I googled around and realized that replacing a wood paneled door with glass panels was do able Off to the salvage yard I

sept such compositions being capable of producing after mixing with water at high rates of mixing, by above eg wet formulations for the production of cured articles low fat, such as external or internal coverings or coatings (eg thermal insulation system from outside ITE decoration protection sealing),

A floor panel is of course in this case exposed to substantially higher loads than, for example a wall or ceiling cladding The large scale manufacture of In the market of laminate panels, in particular of floor panels, a demand for ever more diverse decoration variants has been seen Thus, there is a demand not only for ever

The method according to claim or , wherein the building panel for the selected one or more of the following applications fiber cement siding, shingles, floor, protection plates, cover plates, decorative plates , ceiling, shaft lining, wall panels, the backing plate, the substrate plate, and combinations