adding deck roof to mobile home

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Watch this video to find out how to build a wood deck on your home, including the foundation, framing, decking, handrails, and seating Now, some of those details include a roof covering over this part of the deck, then we have handrails all the way around the deck, and another aspect of deck building that can be some of

Adding a large covered patio to a waterfront home in a hurricane zone required extensive reinforcement of the framing to allow it to stand up to high winds.

Watch this video to find out how to replace roof vent jacks If you have squirrels in your area, there is a good chance the lead roof jacks on your home need to be replaced Roof jacks fit over plumbing vent pipes that protrude through the Secure the new roof jack to the roof decking with roofing nails Cut roof shingles to fit

Marilyn took advantage of a loan program and had a by addition built onto the home to serve as a porch and new salon This allowed her The addition was built lower than the home and has steps down that extends the roof pitch, a common building technique for manufactured home additions At the time, the

The deck is perfect for taking advantage of the amazing views Canadian mobile Having the sink at a more comfortable height was important to Gina and she was able to get the preferred height by building a sink riser on top of the counter rising a bathroom sink roofing ideas for mobile homes This is one amazing

A DIY screened porch kit is normally easy to install in fact, many can be assembled in a day A patio or deck can easily be converted to a porch by just installing a roof Choose Easy to install and remove during harsh winters, this economical solution works well on almost any home and mobile or manufactured home.

Sep , We share several tips that can help make your manufactured home look more like a site built home such as roof pitch and larger doors A porch and some landscaping added to the front of a manufactured home makes a huge difference! Even if you aren t trying to make your manufactured home look

Feb , The invention relates to roofs and in particular to roofs for trailer and mobile type homes Specifically, it relates to replacement roofs for trailer or mobile type homes for installation directly over an existing curved type or camper type roof on a trailer or mobile type home, sometimes referred to as an arc like or

This great manufactured home remodel includes new siding, decking, landscaping and a complete interior makeover, including the full basement Great ideas!