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A guide for landlord tenant on who is responsible for repairing a communal garden fence, and what happens if you can t determine who is responsible the type of fence you have, some people will claim that you need to replace not only the post, but the entire row (or at least a large portion of it, including some panels).

Oct , Let s look at how metal has spread from simple fencing to various elements of garden design surfacing, containers, water features and sculptures Corrugated galvanized iron panels, so favored as a cheap roofing and building material in the past, are used here as a decorative feature, set to contrast

May , If there s not enough room, a row of woven hazel or heather panels with a rustic arch through into your next area does the trick nicely A family garden doesn t have to remain that way for perpetuity keep reviewing what s wanted As children grow older you might want to replace the play area and a wildlife

May , Ideas you can actually use in your garden under all the glitz and glamour practical tips The Chelsea Flower Show, for those of you outside the UK, is the highlight of the gardening calendar Instead, think about painting a wall or fence panels some bright colours just like a feature wall in the home.

Nov , Your dog may appear to be very active when he first enters your backyard After all, he does have canine chores to perform, like patrolling the perimeter and sniffing his turf for signs of intruders Heck, he might even stalk a bird or run back and forth along the fence for a bit But once he s checked off all the

Mar , Clean your pruners and get out your gardening gloves Spring is here, bringing longer days, fresh blooms and annual garden chores In the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, it s time to prune trees Early bulbs and wildflowers are peeking their heads above the soil around the Northeast and Great Lakes

Garden Fencing Ideas Crazy Random Repurposed, Upcycled fencing Ideas Garden fencing UK is broadly famous among arranging viewpoints Either a local garden darling or genuine homes and home architects, Garden fencing boards in UK have turned into another rage as a result of their strong component and

May , Residents across California have been demolishing pools, cutting back on showers and letting their lawns turn brown after experts estimated that Patches of Julia Roberts lawn appear to be turning brown, which perhaps shouldn t be a surprise considering the energy efficient solar panels on her roof.

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Aug , So, below are some concerns that I commonly hear about sand in UK schools let s air them Get them off our The transparent ceiling and side panels means that lots of light shines through This is Donna and Sherry s tipi sandpit in their pre school in Melbourne (thanks for letting me use your photo).

Advice on repairing a fence after high winds Fencing panels If your fence or other features of garden infrastructure were blown away in this week s gales then you may be in need of a landscape or garden contractor to help you repair the damage Let s face it, gusts of miles per hour are likely to damage the sturdiest

Feb , Modern Landscape by The Garden Route Company The Garden Route Company Glass panels Preserve privacy but allow light to pass through with a fence made of luminous glass panels For this entryway fence outside a home in San Francisco s Twin Peaks neighborhood, the designer created a

Mar , One of the country s main fence panel manufacturers, Forest Garden, has hired new staff in order to increase production, but it still can t get the wood in fast enough There is even talk of fences being stolen from people s gardens in the dead of night, and £ panels quietly changing hands for £.

Jun , I grew up in the s, and I remember our garden as being typical of the period composed of a central lawn surrounded by borders and a vegetable patch with fruit trees at the back a result of the U.K s Dig for Victory campaign of the war years This was how gardens had been laid out in British

Our extensive range of wooden and concrete fencing includes fence panels and posts, feather edge boards and pickets, gravel boards and arris rail, and trellis screens Based in the Sevenoaks, Bromley and Chislehurst areas, our comprehensive service ensures that we can help you transform your garden into a beautiful

Aug , Dying flowers detract from the beauty of garden borders and beds Deadheading, or snipping them off, directs a plant s energy into stronger growth and therefore more blossoms I often get asked about why we need to deadhead plants, especially how and when to do it This isn t about pruning exactly, but

Jul , We ve taken up some of the tarmac that covered most of the garden (more on that soon), we ve cleaned the patio and now we ve just finished building a Using some available timber and an existing slatted fence on my boundary to form the back panel, lean to style, saved a bit of money and resulted in a