how to decorate the decking area

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Apr , Here, it helps the transition from conversation areas to lounging areas And this one delineates the levels even more by using different materials on the deck Long boards emphasize the area you traverse, while a more rhythmic composition sets the tone in the sitting area and turf adds a relaxing element in

Jun , Why We Want To Tear The Deck Off Our House Young House Love That picture above is about years old, which is sorta when our back deck area peaked We had stripped and What s Not Here s the inforgraphic on about decorating fads through the years that sucked Sherry in.

Jul , (Major exaggeration for effect But we mostly just had to buy deck screws, stain, and pretty decorations for fun So not thousands like we would have spent otherwise to get this deck in working order.) How to reuse and re configure the pieces from your old deck and turn it The most time consuming thing was

Jul , There are many kinds of wood decking available on the market nowadays so it isn t really a problem to find the one you will fell in love with Even if that haven t happened you can also combine several kinds of wood decking at one area or paint it in your favorite shades of wood Here are some ideas to use

Nov , Airports around the world are decking their terminals with holiday decorations, illuminated trees and whimsical treats to get passengers in the festive spirit From ice skating rinks Emotional reunions are aplenty in the arrivals area, so it s no wonder parts of the holiday film Love Actually were filmed there.

Dec , For simplicity s sake, these decorations are divided into four categories organic items such as dried fruits spun cotton die cut paper and blown glass But before jumping Fruit and vegetable shaped ornaments, for example, symbolized the harvest and were frequently found in agrarian areas Birds were

Jul , I t seems like every summer I do a little sprucing up of both my front porch and back deck Both are very small spaces (the deck is especially tiny), but roomy enough to use and enjoy Both are pretty visible from the house, the front porch is where you enter the house and the back deck can be seen and

Sep , We also have plans for a pathway from our deck steps to what will hopefully be a new dog area for the pups so they can stay out of the mud and my plants during the rainy season! Every time it rains they dig holes and I have to give them a bath so we are definitely wanting to cut down on the mud! Next year

Dec , The creative Houzzer brought the branch inside and spent an afternoon decorating it She woke up and saw the lit tree [I] will never forget the look on her face, macbeldesigngroup says Best Christmas ever. xmas tree Another stunner is a branch arrangement created by foofa This tree was my

Dec , Some pieces have dedicated places year after year while others get worked into new areas it s always a creative challenge to rethink our space and reimagine the same decorations in new ways While we didn t have a white Christmas, we did get a beautiful dusting in early December The first snow

Dec , Our upstairs hallway recently got the wainscot treatment, and it s kind of like the debonair older cousin to the DIY board batten from our last house Let s just say, if our hallways were the Lindsay Lohans from The Parent Trap, this one would be the fancier sounding English one (who I sometimes imagine