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Aug , When summer s in full swing, there is nothing Europeans like to do more than get outside, soak up some sunshine and enjoy some al fresco dining No matter how small their home might be (and European homes often are quite small) you will always find Europeans trying to carve out a piece of outdoor

Sep , There s a romance to fall the fleeting beauty of changing leaves, the welcome freshness of cooler weather and a general giving in to all things comforting and cozy that s quite unlike any other time of year Dining outdoors can be a lovely way to enjoy the season before temperatures in some regions

Aug , Shown Square travertine pavers in a gray tan tone create a patio around a rectilinear water feature Contemporary Pool Maintenance Travertine was used to construct the exterior wall of the Colosseum in Rome, so we have a piece of history to study when thinking about the best maintenance Sealing

Nov , Bluestone pavers Project Installing a stone patio Why To create a durable, attractive and long lasting floor for any type of outdoor room It s a good project We erred on a smaller size, as we didn t want her to feel marooned in a too large patio when she s sitting outside with a good book, a glass of wine

Mar , Wide side yards can also make great spots for satellite patios Line up a side yard seating area with a home s windows so that you can enjoy the attractive vignette from inside the house (and perhaps be tempted to bring your morning coffee outside) In this Miami garden, a small stone patio and a pair of

In this case, there will be a layer of cement backer board with split bricks glued over it like tile Those materials add To mimic the V groove material on the back porch ceiling, we bevel pieces of pressure treated × and attach them to a piece of inch plywood with exterior wood glue and brad nails Once the doors are

Jul , New amenities, plantings and paving elevate these outdoor living spaces to bluestone pavers intermixed with gravel to spread the budget further, these patios previously featured on Houzz inspire stylish outdoor living and solve distinct landscape Contemporary Exterior by Kurt Krueger Architects.