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Oct , A prefabricated building includes a pre cast concrete chain wall foundation having upper and lower walls with a height and a thickness, the ratio of wall to , wherein the precast concrete chain wall foundation includes a plurality of corner columns that are integral poured corners not joined by external

Dec , Portable, expandable filing systems are just as functional as those in more substantial filing cabinets, but their real advantage is that they can be stashed out of sight A bright color can be enough to make a filing cabinet a showpiece, and when it s set against a wall that helps it shine, so much the better.

Mar , Passing through this natural area outside the building offers a pleasant means of approaching the otherworldly space that constitutes the tearoom The washing room must have a water supply and drainage, but because apartment buildings have a predetermined pipe shaft system, there s little flexibility.

Jan , a plurality of illuminated climbing holds, each illuminated climbing hold further having a body having an exterior portion adapted to support a climber and a mounting face adapted to engage a climbing wall, the body being made of transparent building material, an operational light source disposed within

Jun , Next determine the clearances to walls and other combustible construction, again dictated by the model selected Choose a surrounding material like stone, concrete, tile or metal to complement the design Finally, you ll want to provide some means of replacing the air that the fire will consume.

May , A mullion connection system includes a non rectangular shear block which is formed by making angled, parallel cuts in a section of extruded material Window wall or curtain wall systems have been used both in interior spaces and as external walls in buildings Additionally, window wall or curtain wall

Jan , A deck is one of the most useful outdoor spaces because it can support so many different functions lounging, cooking, throwing parties, container gardening or just sitting outside If your deck receives full sun, and you have the space, consider building or purchasing a few containers for an edible garden.

Apr , A building as claimed in claim , wherein internal walls of the panels are clad with a fire resistant material A kit for forming The use of a plasterboard cladding over the whole of the inner face of a wall made out of panels of the present invention also improves the decorative finish of the room A vapor

Oct , A building having external walls formed from a plurality of preformed load bearing cement foam core blocks of a predetermined configuration adapted to be coatings can become both a decorative architectural finish and a further increased structural strength advantage to the building system and blocks.

My invention relates to brick wall construction vertically aligned in intermeshing broken jointed and more especially to fabricated wall construc formation with jointed connection provide a portable panel in any desired form from with the added stabilizing tie rod which a brick wall construction may be made and Fig.

Nov , Construction of Pool Farm coincided with a renovation of the restaurant downstairs After discovering a heap of scrap ipe wood leftover from the demolition, Seiter repurposed it and designed the entire project around the planks Existing site conditions and materials influenced the design in a responsible

Dec , is the exterior wall The tall wall (about ft.) reaches the peak of the roof The ceiling is wood The floor is ceramic tile The walls are drywall and there are If you had two rooms and put the identical amount of the same material in both of them, one room putting it on the ceiling and the other on the walls,

Sep , A roof system having a plurality of slopes for assembly on a building having building exterior walls, comprising roof end structures and a monolithic poured in place concrete roof slab comprising at least two non coplanar sections defining at least one roof peak and a plurality of slab perimeter edges

Also, the buildings can be erected as single units or they can be erected in higher density areas directly continguous to each other with one of the many external walls of one satellite hexagon being a common wall between building units In this way, multiple units can be constructed and joined together in ir regular patterns

Nov , A wall cap of novel construction is mounted to the upper edges, and a hip roof, preferably of pyramidal figure and made of corresponding cut panels of The modular building of claim wherein at least some of said wall and roof panels consist essentially of compacted fibrous material covered with paper.

Oct , Asian Exterior by Oregon Cottage Company Oregon Cottage Company Miller used as many sustainable and nontoxic materials as possible, including cedar for the exterior that was sustainably sourced from a local mill, and no and low VOC products He avoided glues whenever possible Building such a

Apr , Also novel wall forming units or components for the wall structure in the form of elongated hollow thermoplastic extrusions having internal walls (,, compartments enclosed within said exterior walls one of said row of rectilinear compartments being adapted for containing insulating material and the

Jun , Vibrant living walls are a striking way to infuse a little more green in urban areas (not to mention the air quality health benefits they provide) and having Photo Woolly Pocket Woolly Pocket s Wally gardening system consists of bright pockets constructed from recycled plastic bottles, with a design that

Aug , The building may be further improved with the installation of thermal insulation, decorative inside walls, weather resistant exterior covering, plumbing, electrical service, lighting, interior stud walls, etc by novel steps that take advantage of the corrugated construction of the container walls, and or by methods

Oct , The greenery, complete with PNC logo, covers a vast section of the exterior wall of this story building This design, by Italian company ReviPlant, is a vertical gardening system that takes vegetable gardens off the ground, transforming them into portable green walls that can be used to cover building

Feb , The outdoor shower enclosure of claim , wherein at least one laterally mounted wall panel extends between the base frame and the roof to define at least two rectangular parallelepiped Although portable restrooms are often provided, there is typically no place to take a shower in the devastated area.

Jun , Third, we have our exterior grade quilted fiberglass absorbers, which are used to absorb the reflections from a concrete enclosure or from off of a building By adding an absorptive surface to the wall behind the enclosure, the amount of sound hitting the building and then being reflected toward a potential

Feb , In some systems, insulating materials are placed in or are integrated with the wall panel structure While these prefabricated wall panels are superior to traditional block construction in terms of cost, performance and reliability, methods for connecting the panels to each other or to other building members are

Apr , Computer software may be developed to facilitate design and construction of the affordable, sustainable building and to calculate proper attachment all materials away from the landfill (g) promoting energy efficiency, including designing an energy efficient building envelope by selecting external wall

Sep , Adding heat can make a big difference if you d like to linger outside in cool weather Installing small wall mounted or ceiling mounted outdoor heaters may be easier than you think The units run from to in big box stores and can be plugged in to regular home electricity systems Most wall or