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Oct , The industry continues to struggle with projects involving the most effective renovation or new construction of decorative wall panels for the interior walls of elevators In both renovation and new Non removable panels (applied panels are fastened directly to the cab shell in the factory) Advantages .

Patented July , UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FABRICATED BRICK WALL PANEL CONSTRUCTION Emmett V Poston, Springfield, recited in the claims ing made in a manufacturing plant up to the time and illustrated in the accompanying d ings that it is fitted into a brick wall wherein like reference

Oct , The outer and inner PIP facings , substantially increase the racking (bending) strength as well as the tensile strength of the panel and serve as a vapor barrier near the outer and inner surfaces of an exterior wall or roof deck to prevent moisture from entering the insulating core of the structural

Feb , The prefabricated wall system of claim wherein two wall panels are rigidly connected to one another to form an outside corner and the system further includes a corner finishing piece which covers the outside corner is a perspective view illustrating the decorative corner piece connection system .

In addition to this feature, which is an essential feature for all wood grain paneling for exterior trim on automobiles, the decorative wood grain sheet material of this Depending upon the method of manufacture employed in putting the layers of the base structure together, this prime adhesive layer may or may not be omitted.

Aug , Each panel is essentially a factory built sandwich having an expanded plastic foam core between two composite reinforcing wafers of this invention is to provide modular wall panels with a foam core for acoustic and thermal insulation which have cementitious exterior surfaces reinforced with a steel grid.

The present invention relates to the provision of novel structural system and structural components therefor, their method of manufacture, and structures formed is a broken away view illustrating an extruded reinforced wall panel embodying the invention having a decorative cladding applied to the exterior surface FIG.

Sep , This invention relates to relatively lightweight panels, both decorative and structural, which can be used to provide protective walls on the exterior surfaces The assignee of this application is working in cooperation with a stone company which has the ability to produce the thinnest stone veneer presently