plastic fences driven into ground with attached posts

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Aug , I have disclosed and claimed a ground anchor for cables which is generally T shaped having out turned flanges and a central longitudinal web to which the cable is attached This T shaped anchor is either dropped into a pre formed hole in the ground or is driven into the ground by impacting its trailing end.

The rails are attached to the fence posts by collars which can be rotated on the posts and adjusted vertically and are pivotally connected to the rails to adapt to any terrain The panels can be attached to either side of the rails by clamps which extend upwardly into the channels of the rails, and the clamps before tightening

Jul , This invention is comprised of an auger with fixed or replaceable tips designed to cut openings through sheet plastic or fiberglass ground coverings and drill, There are in the art many well known manual and motor driven auger type devices used for boring post holes for fences, signs, and other items.

Nov , An improved portable hydraulically powered driving machine, for driving posts, ground anchors, concrete breakers, core drills, and the like work pieces into the ground, pavements or wall structure, has a tower in the form of a stanchion carried by an extensible pedestal mounted boom rig on a mobile base

Dec , A taut wire fence system comprises wire supporting anchor posts that maintain the taut wires of the system in tension The intrusion barrier and detection system of claim , wherein the tension sensor is configured to attach to and monitor a fixed number of wire segments, and is coupled to a sensor

vary the number of stacked blocks and use shims to level the top of each of the foundation pillars Once the on grade foundation for the shed has been completed, the floor is framed up on the piers from pressure treated lumber and plywood Metal anchors are driven into the ground under the shed and cables attached to

The handle has slots that are slightly undersized with respect to the tubular body or in other words the cross section is slightly greater than a semi circle, so as to cause the grips to snap gently into the closed position An umbrella pole can be telescopically interconnected with the tubular body of the umbrella anchor.

Jun , The angle hardware described above is driven into the cavity in the concrete base with the flanges exterior faces flat against two sides of the square setting the hardware piece in the ground by driving or hammering it in to the ground or it may be set in cement and then have a fence post attached to it.

Mar , wherein the engagement members are configured to engage the top end of the T post without interrupting fencing wire connected to the T post Typically, an end of each T post is driven into the ground to form a succession of the posts along a line with a typical post to post spacing Several strands of

Jul , a generally cylindrical wall made of fencing that is secured to the wall support portions of the posts and to the top line, with the top line interlaced through openings in the fencing, The U shaped legs have two vertically extending sections connected by a horizontal section that rests on the ground.

Nov , The guard rail spacer block as defined in claim wherein said block is formed from a mixture of a plastics material and particles of rubber The guard rail The posts typically are a selected length of a wide flange I beam and are driven into or otherwise suitably anchored in the ground Preferably, the

Jan , A highway guardrail system comprises a plurality of posts a plurality of spacers attached to respective posts and a rail attached to the spacers If a structural foam, or similar material, is enclosed in the tube, with the top of the tube sealed, the act of driving the tube into the ground, and allowing the

A post and railing construction permits construction of fences and railings from parts which are pre molded from a resinous material such as rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) The parts require , the screws and are mounted through the brackets and and driven into the frames from the exterior of the shell a.

Dec , Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight, Concrete Fencing Systems with precast attached footers or rebar only footers, fencing connections are safety pinned Fence Post Ground Contact Section, continuous augured poured concrete footing or augured hole with all in one precast column and footer

Aug , A highway guardrail post comprises an elongated one piece roll formed metal body including a front wall defining an attachment face, a pair of opposing side walls Where steel I beams are used, the I beams will sometimes bend if they hit an obstruction such as a rock while being driven into the ground.

Aug , Each picket has an end with an end feature formed therein which permits the pickets to cant in the grooves during racking of the fence panel In an implementation, the Each panel is installed between a pair of vertical fence posts in a manner known to those skilled in the art [] It is recognized that the

In the past it has been the practice to use tubular posts which are driven into the ground and by exploding a charge of explosive adjacent the lower end of the post, It is another object of the present invention to provide a method and apparatus for anchoring tubular posts to which equipment may be attached, so that the

In addition, the auger portion has only two positions either fully extended or fully retracted This will lead to a situation where, because of the density of the ground or because of obstructions (such as rocks) the auger may only be partially driven into the ground This leads to inherent instability in the design, making it

Aug , Portions of the guardrail are attached to the support posts, the end terminal assembly preferably includes a kinetic energy absorbing assembly that dissipates One example of such end terminals includes tapering the ends of the associated guardrail into the ground to eliminate potential impact with the

Nov , For protection and security of the overall system, an optional hurricane fence type enclosure may be employed at ground level and incorporated into the support posts in a manner that allows for free air flow [] FIGS A and B do not show any details of the turbine blade design The type of

May , Conventional breakaway connections are typically provided between a relatively short section of post (base post or ground post) that is permanently driven into the ground, and a longer section of post (support post) that extends upwardly above the ground from the base post and supports the sign.

Jun , The posts are anchored in the ground vertically, and the rail is installed horizontally, providing a rigid, H shaped fence brace Fence at least two free U shaped clamps that are the mirror image of the U shaped clamps attached to the pipe wherein each fence post has an outside diameter, and wherein the

Aug , A preformed post sleeve top can be attached to the sleeve core and positioned therewith in the post hole, to become a permanent part of the post Additionally, because of the direct contact with the ground on the end of the post, water can move upward into the footing when the ground is wet, due to the

Jun , Each switch is configured to be attached to a trip cord, such that a selected tension on the trip cord will activate the alarm The tension required for activation of the switches is individually adjustable The battery powered tripwire device may be employed for perimeter security of a military force or for training