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Apr , Instead of paying for Carrera marble or even over for marble look laminate, Ronda picked up a countertop from the ReStore and some leftover paint and Update Yael, one of our readers, followed this tutorial and sent us this message Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I successfully

Mar , Well never fear, today we are going to explore several ways to update your kitchen counters on a budget! Paint your countertops Can you really paint old laminate countertops Absolutely! You can buy prefabricated kits at any home improvement store that will take you step by step through the process,

May , Raise your hand if you ve ever lived in a rental Now raise your hand if you ve ever lived in a rental with a lackluster kitchen Underwhelming rental kitchens are about as common as noisy upstairs neighbors, but at least you can make small temporary fixes to brighten up your cooking space (if somebody

Oct , Painting your countertops is a budget friendly way to give your kitchen or bath a whole new look but how does it hold up in terms of durability Tracy painted her formica countertops (featured here) to look like granite almost years ago Tracy DIY painted faux granite countertop update and review.

Kitchen Cabinets When updating the cabinets in your kitchen, start by deciding whether to install new cabinets or refinish your existing cabinets Plastic Laminate Though durable, lightweight, and inexpensive plastic laminate countertops have been considered less desirable than other materials in the past But improved

Oct , The next problem was that our dishwasher broke and we when went to go and replace the dishwasher with a new dishwasher a piece of the laminate came off the countertops and over time the countertop became warped With those few things wrong we started phase three of the kitchen overhaul and this

Mar , First we put some liquid nails right on our old laminate counters and then fit the plywood on top To make sure it was properly secure, we also put in a few screws for good measure Next, we put some more liquid nails on top of the plywood and carefully fitted the stainless steel piece on top zStanless Steel

Dec , For the backsplash, I d pair a tile in a soft blue gray with a medium gray laminate countertop To warm things up, I d paint the cabinets a soft yellow with a hint of green, such as Warm and Cozy from Mythic Paint Tell us What budget friendly kitchen renovation tips would you offer these homeowners

Jan , I tackled the installation of the counter last week and for the most part that s easy but I had to deal with the rough edge on one end installing laminate countertops Thankfully there s little kits that are sold right by the countertops for just this problem It was nearly so that cheap countertop get a little

Due to our budget, we went with laminate tops that had the look and feel or marble, they even have the rounded lip on the front No one can tell the Kitchens and baths are what buyers are looking at so if you can update your kitchen with new laminate countertops you d have a much easier time selling in the future Reply.

Jul , Mainly, we wanted this update to be quick, cheap, and super beautiful Of course, we assumed that we would miter the corner, just like our old laminate counters were mitered, but once we started looking at pictures of other wood counters, we realized that the mitered corners actually look kinda silly in a

Mar , One of my readers asked me how can she makeover her s laminate countertop without disposing of it To add on a layer, she asked me how can she make this transformation eco friendly I love the way she thinks Don t you Honestly with all the great green countertops out there, it would be just

Apr , Today s guest has a fabulous tutorial to show you how to create beautiful faux reclaimed wood countertops, using new wood Don t they look After getting my first quote, we realized it was way out of our budgetand I wan t going to give in on quality for cost! To start, we took off the laminate counters.

Edge Upgrades Metal example of laminate countertop with metal edging View as slideshow Photo by Alec Hemer For that retro diner look, wrap the edge with a shiny band of stainless steel or aluminum Clip on, inch wide stainless edging can be installed on straight runs by DIYers Aluminum edges can be straight or

Apr , budget saving great ideas for DIY kitchen countertops Glossy painted laminate counters Designing Dawn featured at Remodelaholic Domestic Would you try any of these DIY kitchen countertop versions Check out more gorgeous counter ideas on my Kitchens Pinterest Board UPDATED See also.