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Our outdoor Christmas decorating ideas are sure to make your jingle bells ring this season! Simplicity! A wooden rocking chair, small Christmas tree and sled with a bright red bow makes this a cozy porch for Christmas A fun family project is to create a natural garland across your porch railings Gather lots of pine cones

For example, televisions and other objects made from metal should not be placed as the centerpiece of your living room Those types of items drain a room energy and, therefore, should never be a focal point You want the room to be inviting to conversation and comfort instead Keep the main table in your living room

Senior home modifiers, like Jon from Handypro in Nashville, TN, love working with our handrail kits Here s what Jon had to say about his experience with Simplified Building As a contractor who specializes in home modifications for handicap elder access, I needed a supplier for porch hand rails that were easy to install, yet

Mar , Description I wanted to improve safety of stairways leading to the basement in my house by adding an handrail The big advantage of these parts over regular handrail parts is that they are only cm high, so they don t eat too much space Aluminum Handrail Direct CHR Handrail Sectio

For example, changing old receptacle (cutting out nails in the stud), cutting wood and PVC pipe, and maybe cutting some drywall Given the tight spots I need to get into under the deck and between joists while I am on a ladder to remove the old railing posts, I could really use a compact recip saw with some power.

May , Exterior bricks were re pointed except on the front porch, where restoration consultant Brad Mooney persuaded the association to retain historic graffiti scribbled on the mortar Old photos and an uncovered fragment served as guides for recreating the original wooden porch railing Huba said students in

Jan , Exterior finishing and interior finishing may be applied as desired, along with installation of wiring, plumbing and HVAC requirements made in a These buildings of necessity require ramps or elevators to be built alongside the portable building to allow handicapped access, due to the floor of the building

Mar , On what is perhaps one of the NFL s most urban sites, the stadium is well connected to light rail, highways and Minneapolis unique skyway system The roof pitches as the single, foot ridge truss that supports the lightweight ETFE and hard deck angles up towards the west end of the stadium.

Jun , Advisory General Handrails are required on ramp runs with a rise greater than inches ( mm) (see ) and on certain stairways (see ) with standby power and other features according to the elevator safety standard and can be used for the evacuation of individuals with disabilities.

The proper wheelchair ramp design will allow not only those in wheel chairs easier access to the porch and home but also those with limited mobility issues as well Advertisements The railings seem to disappear and the ramp s unique design adds to the overall appeal of the home treated lumber wheelchair ramp

Watch this video to find out how wide a doorway needs to be for easy wheelchair access and what the minimum width is for a wheelchair be rough if this was all carpet Phil Garner The hard surfaces really do make a difference, Danny I know if I did not have the tile and the hardwood, it would be impossible to navigate.

Aug , A property overview image of the structure and the at least one outside space is formed using computer instructions, the room measurement, the wall palms, vines trained to trellis, walled gardens, waterfalls in pools, water lilies, wood planked decks and balconies, wrought iron railings, and yard drains.

May , A pedestrian without sight, with impaired or limited sight, or with compromised sight (due to power outage, light source outage, smoke filled stairwell, opaque black or bright yellow and consists of any of a variety of materials, preferably plastic but may also be wood or metal or a composite material.