how to get shade for my deck

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Jun , Last year, I just took that as a cue to go inside But I really like being out here I considered adding a deck on the back so I could still sit outside during this two hour window It turns out, there are a whole line of products available to add temporary shade to your porch I m probably going to buy and install this

Jun , If you live in the city, you may have access to some rooftop space but are you making the most of it If you re ready to Contemporary Deck by Todd Haiman Landscape Design Tall grasses and a potted grapevine give some privacy and shade, while a sleek water feature muffles street noise A great

Oct , Deck becomes a covered porch for enjoying the outdoors all year around This past summer, Terry and Mark decided to make that outdoor room a permanent thing, a spot they could enjoy almost year around, no tent required They decided to I believe it s by Portmeirion, definitely one of my faves.

Mar , To which I get my big cheesy grin going and say, Oh yeah you can! Mushrooms love shade! Growing mushrooms outdoors is much easier your house, that is a good spot My new favorite place to stash logs is under the deck, where water falls through and the house blocks the wind The fungi love it!

Porch Blinds Enjoy Your Porch More This Summer Porch blinds can make a real difference! I remember my parents having a porch on the back of their garage It was very private and my Mom and Dad spent many evening hours out there listening to FM music Advertisements Advertisements But when it was really sunny

Watch this video from home improvement expert Danny Lipford to find out how long you need to let pressure treated wood dry before staining a wooden deck I want to stain my new treated lumber deck, but I m told I have to wait several weeks Is that true Gerald Pressure Whether the deck is in the sun or shade.

Shades of Green has announced their Deck the Palms In December Special for Shades of Green does modify their discounts the longer they ve been available, those who book early will get the best discount! Ears of Experience My recommended Travel Agent, Fee Free, Disney Only, Military Family Owned.

Mar , Here are a few before and after shots DIY Backyard Deck Makeover Before and After We had to place our dining set towards the end of the deck to try and get away from the western sun at dinner time Now the step leading to the gravel dining patio makes it seem like the table and chairs belong there.

Outdoor curtains and outdoor drapes make nice porch enclosures It s an easy and In addition to giving you a bit of privacy, they also provide awesome shade (which is what our porch needs in the hot summer afternoons) An easy way to enclose your porch, deck, or patio without the expense of screening your porch.

May , This side yard makes the most of where the backyard deck meets the side yard, with a bar placed along the side and room for stools along it A shade garden One challenge with side yards is that often they receive no direct sunlight We have plenty of plant suggestions and shade garden ideas to get you

Aug , Make tiny terraces feel larger and expansive decks more inviting with these tricks for styling your outdoor lounge In this backyard in Marin County in Northern California, a movable shade sail set on wires provides cover from the sun and makes the space feel more intimate Other ways to lower the ceiling

Feb , A TV commercial from Sunsetter Awnings that shows the how much more you ll use your backyard deck or patio if you have an awning.

Jul , The simple, cost effective and nonpermanent outdoor lighting method has transformed my backyard and can transform yours as well! Whether strung in trees, A screened in porch is an excellent setting for string lights with a paper shade, because you don t have to worry about them getting wet The Paper

Aug , At times like these, the only way to get any use from that beautiful deck or patio is to have something, anything, that will block the sun from baking everyone and everything out there In fact, one of my favorite outside woods, especially when it s left to weather to that beautiful silvery gray, is teak Sure, you

Apr , You will have a huge plant palette to choose from since a west facing patio typically gets hot, direct sun for at least half the day (unless it is shaded by a building or trees) Your patio s direction is especially good news if you want to grow vegetables, because almost all vegetables, herbs, and fruit grow best

I d like to start out by saying this It s not my fault When you start a blog, you set these mental goals for yourself Try not to suck Have fun Find someone who will Use decking Use playset roof material Use woven strands from the ponytail of a majestic unicorn Totally up to you Our son Weston likes to sit up in the tower

Jul , My favorite of the covered decks is the north deck, with the simple shed roof I know the It s also cooler and provides more shade We ll get to the front deck soon, and it s definitely a statment making entryway, but today, I want to share with you how we built the timberframe shed roof over the back deck.

Apr , From traditional arts and crafts style to sleek and modern, you ll find a RV deck design that suits you and your needs You ll also learn how to This RV is used as a summer home and takes advantage of its Indiana location with a retractable awning, perfect for optimal sun and shade See more of this great

Jun , (You can find them with the decking materials at most hardware stores.) EASY DIY Outdoor Table .jpg I cut each piece of wood in half (at the ft mark) Then used a pocket jig (also purchased at most hardware stores) I worked my way down one side of each board starting at from the end for the first