decking ideas for small gardens in uk

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May , Even in my small garden, these trends and fashions from over the years can be found woven in its design and plantings Since starting my new garden in Devon, England, nearly seven years ago, I have been influenced by the contemporary garden design that I ve seen at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Dec , It can be tempting to fill spaces with many small planters and pots, filled with many different plants, but this can overwhelm a space Contemporary Landscape by Samarotto Design Group Samarotto Design Group Group Pots for Impact Though not planted with the same species, these containers have

Jun , LCF Rooftop by Studio Weave_dezeen_ The colours were added using a combination of wood stain and decking paint Originally conceived as an outdoor space for students to relax in, the new roof garden with its mixture of planters, seats and tables will also host social gatherings, small group learning

Mar , Create curves Undulating pathways and planting beds running across a narrow yard can trick the eye into thinking the space is wider For example, consider this narrow, wedge shaped garden in Hertfordshire, in southern England Contemporary Deck by On Common Ground Landscapes On Common

Jun , Houzz UK Contributor I have been an interiors journalist since , Disguise a damaged deck or brighten a shady space with an outdoor rug Woven from fibers that can withstand the Contemporary Landscape Garden Party, outdoor dining table top ideas Decorate with salvaged pieces Scatter

Jul , Lancelot Capability Brown was born years ago, but his ideas about naturalistic landscape design may be more relevant than ever.

Apr , From the medieval knot garden to Victorian displays of carpet bedding, delineation between landscape features has always been important in garden design defining lawn edges, pathways or paving from neatly planted beds continues to be valuable in our gardens today Hardscaping materials such as

Oct , Winston Churchill, the British wartime prime minister, found brick laying to be a form of relaxation and built an extensive wall at his Chartwell garden Brick, which has The perimeter wall s brickwork detail leads the eye from the landscape to the brick house and creates a cohesive design Eclectic Patio by

Jul , Learn how pink, lilac, lavender, cream and peach can bring a soft beauty to your landscape Contemporary Deck by Hampstead Garden Design Hampstead Garden Design Pastel colored plants are combined to create a colorful yet calming atmosphere in this small roof garden The gray containers and

Nov , Houzz UK Contributor I have been an interiors journalist Fenton scrapped the rectangular lawn and replaced it with a design based on two ovals This introduces Reclaimed railroad ties bridge the gap between the new lawn and the raised deck and shed at the back of the yard Traditional Landscape

Oct , I cannot stand them, especially in UK gardens! One of my favorite looks is to sink a hot tub into your deck so that the top of the spa aligns with the top of the deck This look allows for a streamlined look and prevents the body of the spa from clashing with or overshadowing your yard s existing design.

Aug , A garden mirror, that s correctly placed, can make a small garden look double the size or add interest and light to a dull corner Placing a mirror correctly though, One place I ve found in the UK that does offer a good selection of garden mirrors is Greenfingers (aff link) All is not lost if you can t find a ready

Jun , Association football, or soccer, was invented in England, a nation of sport lovers and passionate gardeners, but it is Brazil that gave us Pelé, arguably the finest player in the sport s history Brazil also gave us Roberto Burle Marx, one of the first landscape architect superstars, who is widely considered to be

Jun , Rachel s an established landscape designer in the UK, and I ve been been enjoying her landscape design eBooks and courses for some time plants or the patio deck area and then the bits that are left are usually lawn or random empty spaces which get filled over time with stuff from the garden centre.

Apr , Get a peek at a rented garden plot in England where edibles and flowers mix and local residents can mingle Food and Community Thrive in a U.K Allotment Garden especially those with access to this much gardening space Traditional Landscape by Laara Copley Smith Garden Landscape Design.

Mar , Is decking a realistic DIY project or should we pay an expert We are thinking of building a m by m deck at the end of our garden Is this an achievable DIY project (we are in our s) or should we pay to get it done If so, how we have a small favour to ask More people are reading the Guardian than