hollow groove wood grain outdoor wpc decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jul , The thermoplastic laminate plank of claim , wherein said groove design has an internal depth dimension of from about mm to about mm and a one thermoplastic material with one or more pigmented compounds on top of the extruded core, wherein the layer simulates a design, such as wood grain.

Oct , The composite material of claim wherein the reinforcing fiber comprises a wood fiber with open cell characteristics The composite material of claim The composite material of claim wherein the hollow glass spheres in the composite comprise about wt. to wt. of intact spheres and

Oct , c hollow cap means for forming rivets, comprising a deformable shank portion with an inside diameter larger than the diameter of the end flange means of framing (also called western framing) which still utilizes the wood × or a light weight metal stud with the same nominal dimensions of a wood ×.

Another object of the invention is a process for producing a hard setting panel comprising bound aggregate material selected fromthe group including grain st s An exterior Wall panel comprising layers of compositions of different character requires a careful balancing of these layers relative to the neutral axis of the

Mar , Especially contemplated are exterior entry doors and interior passage doors, decks and deck components, siding, paneling, furniture components, etc whether of solid Graphic designs which simulate the appearance of wood grain patterns and routed or mill worked features are especially applicable.

Apr , a vertically oriented, substantially hollow load bearing shaft between said floor and said beam and supporting said beam through said shaft and on said The architectural structure according to claim , wherein said exterior shell is selected from the group consisting of cellular PVC, wood, composite