wall cladding function

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Aug , A wall cladding system for covering an exterior building wall, the covering including thin reinforced natural stone supported by the wall cladding system, the This structural accommodation is a simple function of engineering design and adjusting the spacing of the stiffener frames and the clip attachments.

Nov , In a single continuous gesture, a wooden shape takes on the function of wall cladding, floor, wall, kitchen and roof The new element uses the potential of the large free height provided by the open space, by adding an extra dimension to the use of the space in the form of a modest roofgarden on top of the

Oct , Edginess of the desk is complemented by a sinuous pattern of a large format wall cladding made by oiled plywood plates with dimensions of In the middle of a geometric staircase is a levitating spatial mesh of welded roxor rods, which in addition to its primary function as a handrail serves as a shelving

Nov , That is, a system that primarily functions to generate electricity from solar power once the entire set of parts are assembled, and also performs the same aesthetic cladding function as prior art curtain wall systems The difference here, of course, is that the power generation must be as compatible as possible

In , Robert Franklin designed a revolutionary electronic stud finder that relied on an internal capacitor to measure changes in density behind the wall cladding While my old electronic stud finders were not always effective, Bosch decided to change that, introduced an accurate and affordable detector The new Bosch

Oct , The house brings together a rich mixture of crafted elements the flint wall, lead cladding and timber joinery, which are all made by hand, employing specialist are expressed with a subtle palette of materials, which are in harmony with the surrounding buildings and reflect their orientation and function.

Jul , The visible cladding systems comprise tracks and sliding clips to slide the laminate panel into the desired location on the building wall to limit the scope of the claimed invention or to imply that certain features are critical, essential, or even important to the structure or function of the claimed invention.

Apr , In the foyer, the marble flooring and galvanized steel wall cladding come together in an aesthetic whole that is expressive of both difference and an ensemble of large open spaces leading into a generous hall that is foyer, gallery, stage, experimental space, auditorium, and function room rolled into one.

Apr , , there is shown a section of a wall construction assembly of the invention generally indicated by the reference numeral , which shows the position and function of the structural rib in the external wall construction made up of a wall panel and a cladding panel spaced apart from the wall panel

Jul , , this shows a typical wall floor or roof joint in which the lower wall panel assembly has the special inverted U shaped cap in lieu of an upper channel shaped track This specially profiled member shown in detail in FIG provides the function of the upper track (retaining studs ) as well as

The marble was brought from Italy, chandeliers and teak from Burma, crockery from Indonesia, crystals from Europe and wall to wall mirrors from Belgium Chettinad architecture is also closely linked to the lifecycle rituals of the Chettiar community The mansions were conceived to perform the different functions, rituals and

May , But in a smart way of sharing information about the building s programatic function Chybik Kristof clad Czech furniture showroom The chairs cover three sides of the metre square space, with an angular, black boxed entrance protruding from the irregular surface of the exterior wall The thematic

Apr , Two were added to the roof to form skylights, while another is recessed into one of the side walls Bernd Zimmermanns mirror clad House wz distorts its surroundings Existing windows were closed almost completely and replaced by new openings in roof and walls, with different sizes, forms and functions

Jul , The dimples project away from the front face of the wall panel The dimples function to provide an air space A between the wall panel and the sheathing S or other building substrate to which the wall panel is fastened The wall panel is fastened or secured to the sheathing S by means

Exterior wall studs are the vertical members to which the wall sheathing and cladding are attached often placed between the interior walls and the exterior wall, and above the first top plate of interior walls before the second top plate is applied to attain continuity of the air barrier when polyethylene is serving this function.