clear plastic outdoor planters

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fall planter pumpkins I do a similar trick with gourds in a small apple basket I put a clear plastic container in the basket, and then top it with pumpkins and gourds fall outdoor decor Since my sweet potato vines are still flourishing so I decided to decorate around them this year by adding some pumpkins and gourds.

Go slow and be careful when you drill the drainage holes, because you can crack the plastic Drill away from The one that cracked a lot got some duct tape on both the inside and outside over the largest crack and seems to be holding up just fine.) To add The FNISS trash baskets I purchased in store are clear I noticed

Aug , Plastic sheeting is a polyethylene film, available in clear and black, and in various thicknesses It s available just about The Survival Mom has gallon drums to collect and hold water per person and an extra barrel for pets and watering a few food producing plants Be sure to stock up on bleach,

Oct , Snail Proof Plants If the problem is widespread, focus on filling your garden with plants that slugs tend to leave alone, such as begonias, California Solarize Soil Covering the ground with clear plastic for a couple of months in summer will kill everything, including hibernating slugs and eggs, other pests,

Jun , Plus, they can be used on virtually any surface wood, metal, pottery, glass, plastic, stone, rubber and more! Summer Painted Planters Once my planters were done I gave them a coat of a clear brush on sealer You could either brush on a sealer or spray one, this step is just to protect the acrylic paint you

Apr , In an effort to try and grow a plant as part of our mother s day tea party coming in May, the children have each planted a flower seed in our gardening center The children started by decorating their flower pots with foam stickers Our flower pots are actually lids saved from laundry or spray starch cans.

Feb , These easy DIY Concrete Planters will dress up your patio or deck in just a few easy steps Get the step by step directions here! DIY Planter tutorial We used a large clear pretzel container, an old beach bucket, large plastic cups, water bottles and an old baby bottle Gather all of your materials together

Feb , Want to spruce up your plastic patio chairs or those plain flower pots Tip Check your storage shed for those outdoor items you no longer use and DecoArt Glass Stains are formulated to dry clear, making them ideal for recycled plastic bottles, clear cake stands and other see through plastic items.

Feb , For all of my glass gem projects I use GE Silicone II sealant (waterproof, clear drying) Yes, it s sold as a sealant to use around windows and doors, but, when applied thick, works like a glue, grabbing the marbles You apply the sealant and press the glass gems into it while it s wet As it dries, it sets up

Feb , I learned this trick for warming your soil in the spring from a very well respected gardening expert in our area He taught it to us as part of our Master Gardening course Warming the soil in the spring for early planting is really pretty easy All it takes is a nice big piece of clear plastic Before we talk about this

back patio decorated for fall In one corner, I planted a mum in one of my planters that I always keep on the patio fall outdoor decorations I grabbed one of my apple baskets and filled it with gourds Well, after I did my clear, plastic food storage container trick gourds in apple basket I have a few wood slices that I keep in our

Jul , Use a clear sealer stain to protect the color of the outside of the box Allow the sealer to dry for hours before preparing the inside of the box Wood Wine Box Garden To create a waterproof planting bed, line the inside of the box with a sheet of plastic If you re going to use the wine box outdoors you ll

Dec , Some products that use LDPE include plastic produce bags, trash can liners, and food storage containers Are you seeing a trend here The plastics that are already used for food storage tend to also be safe to garden with Like it s older cousin HDPE, LDPE plastic is very safe in a wide range of

Mar , Cover with a clear cup and tape the sides Seed Starting in Plastic Cup Greenhouses Tomato Seedlings in Plastic Cup Greenhouses Once seedlings have sprouted you can take the tops off When the seedlings have grown their first set of true leaves you can transplant the plants to individual pots You can

Apr , Most garden centers sell plastic trays and pots, soil blocks, or peat pots to use for starting seeds indoors, but if you d like to start your seeds without having Simply punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage, fill with soil, plant the seeds, and use the clear lid as a mini greenhouse until the seedlings have

Oct , I used to live in a house with flowers and a small vegetable garden and yes, it s a lot more work than dealing with some potted indoor plants Temperature becomes a bigger concern, as does pest control Each Grow Duo is a little over two feet wide, a foot deep and inches tall The plastic container is light

Aug , Put recipe cards in a clear plastic bag while you cook to keep them from getting messy Put potentially smelly food In the garden You can also cover small pots with plastic bags to create a mini greenhouse and help plants sprout Reuse baggies to create starter pots for plants Just poke a few holes in

Sep , Recycling clear plastic bottles for wrapping gifts is a fresh way to add a personal touch to your gift presentation Outdoor furniture, garden decorations, birds feeders, and art installations are terrific ideas for plastic recycling ways to Quick ideas to recycle plastic bottles for containers and organizers

Apr , Hi Deborah Lisa Lopez, Petite Planet s resident crafter said that yes, you can indeed decoupage on plastic pots using Mod Podge and following the instructions in the post Enjoy! PM Anonymous said I want to decoupage a large outdoor patio terra cotta pot for a teacher s gift Is there a product that

May , I m trying to get a little better at tending to plants, and have subsequently been looking for new garden pots I had my eye on an incredible ceramic Mix up a small batch of epoxy on a plastic yogurt lid or paper plate, following the instructions on the epoxy label Use the chopstick to apply a small dab of

Aug , A drainage tray suitable for use with plant pots is configured to collect and drain away excess plant treating fluids, such as water, fertilizer and the like, that drain from the plant pot The drainage tray has a base member with a bottom having a side wall extending generally vertically from its periphery to form