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Apr , The presence of crystalline cholesterol in the walls of our arteries is a major cause of life threatening inflammation This has been demonstrated in a new study.

Aug , Stallone was a curveball thrown at fans when his name was announced as joining the cast of James Gunn s off the wall space opera and for a while, the But his team consisted of his right hand man the crystallized Martinex played by Michael Rosenbaum who had a minor (and unrecognizable) role

Jan , The upper part of the plot was modified and separated from the neighbors using artificial banks replacing fences, and two additional building wings for The form of both wings is softened by wavy wood lined walls, and a green living roof of meadow flowers and grasses to blend with the surroundings.

Mar , In contrast to the relatively clear understanding of epitaxial crystallization induced by one dimensional nanofillers, the underlying interfacial interactions between polymer crystals and two dimensional graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets are something of a mystery Here, the GO assisted formation of

Oct , The method of claim wherein the fungal biomass is treated with an alkaline solution prior to breaking down of the cell walls with the first acidic solution For example, the glucosamine composition may be crystallized by adding ethanol to the concentrated solution or by continuing evaporation to the

Mar , Here, we report the first observation of microcavity effects in the organic rectangular microtubes (RMTs) with sharp bends (ca °) and subwavelength nanoscale wall thicknesses, based on single crystalline and themostable tetra( pyridyl)porphyrin (HTPyP) RMTs synthesized by the VCR process.

The reason of requiring the basic fabric layer for preparing the conventional artificial leather is that the use of the foamed resin layer only cannot impart the In this case, the term uniformly and finely foamed means that the cells are small ones having a diameter of substantially mm or shorter and the cell walls are in a

Jan , The multiple artificial light sources, however, are only used in the evening as the architecture of house captures a great deal of natural light Extensive As a color contrast to the white HI MACS surfaces, additional EV anodized aluminum was used for some of the fronts and the rear wall High quality

Nov , How to flock a Christmas tree create a snow effect on your artificial Christmas tree with this easy DIY tutorial.

Feb , wherein the polymer is a semi crystalline biodegradable polymer The method of claim , wherein the biodegradable Stents are typically composed of scaffolding that physically holds open and, if desired, expands the wall of a passage way An example of a stent is depicted in FIG In some

May , One of my favourites is the black triangle UFO(s) seen over Belgium in the late s and early s A famous pic http wp content uploads belgian ufo picture.jpg The Belgium military scrambled Fs to intercept it but it was captured on the radar jumping from something like

A method of crimping a stent on a balloon of a catheter assembly is provided A polymeric stent is disposed over a balloon in an inflated configuration The stent is crimped over the inflated balloon to a reduced crimped configuration so that the stent is secured onto the balloon The balloon wall membrane is wedged or

Aug , In agreement with experiments, we find that the melting temperature of the nanoconfined ice is strongly depressed with respect to the bulk Tm, it depends weakly on the filling fraction and is insensitive to the hydrophobicity of the pore wall The state of water in the crystallized hydrophilic and hydrophobic

Dec , One of the earliest methods developed for producing artificial snow comprised mixing compressed air and water within a nozzle to effect particle pursuant to the aforementioned Eustis et al and Dewey patents a large fan is employed to move the crystallized snow beyond the area of the nozzle However

An insoluble cross linked polypentapeptide is totally synthesized by preparing two modified linear polypentapeptides patterned on the polypentapeptide from the pentapeptide (Val Pro Gly Val Gly) one of the repeating peptide sequences contained in tropoelastin, the precursor protein of the core of the elastic fiber

May , Inside the blood vessel walls of healthy mice, MCG researchers found increased activity by O GlcNAc competes with another mechanism for modifying proteins called phosphorylation In blood vessels, phorphorylation modifies the enzyme that produces nitric oxide, called nitric oxide synthase, so that it

Apr , As the cholesterol crystallizes, two things can happen, Abela said If it s a big pool of cholesterol, it will expand, causing the cap of the deposit to tear off in the arterial wall Or the crystals, which are sharp, needle like structures, poke their way through the cap covering the cholesterol deposit, like nails

May , Impinging fluid jet streams are used in a continuous crystallization process to achieve high intensity micromixing of fluids so as to form a homogeneous composition prior to the start of nucleation This process permits direct crystallization of high surface area particles of high purity and stability.

Apr , The cells responsible for creating calcium build up in vessel walls resulting in heart disease have now been identified in a new study.

One of the most difficult aspects of natural stone, e.g marble, installation is the selection of an appropriate mortar mix to adhere the stone to the, e.g wall or floor ,, to Weir discloses an artificial stone facing plaque which comprises essentially a thin body with a decorative upper or forward face, and composed of

In embodiments there is described a cardiovascular tube shaped lockable and expandable bioabsorbable scaffold having a low immunogenicity manufactured from a crystallizable bioabsorbable polymer composition or blend.

Nov , Sucralose, unlike many artificial sweeteners, can be used in cooking and baking with no loss of sweetening power Sucralose is generally made It is another object of the present invention to provide an improved crystalline sucralose composition that exhibits increased stability SUMMARY OF THE

Aug , Tensile Strength and Young s Modulus of Polyisoprene Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Composites Increased by High Pressure Cross linking Bounphanh Tonpheng Crystallization kinetics and anisotropic properties of polyethylene oxide magnetic carbon nanotubes composite films Il Tae Kim , Ji Hoon

Jul , Artificial flowers worn in the hair, a minimum of three artificial flowers must be worn A red or pink shawl A flower printed dress that extends to below the knees on all sides the dress must not have any slits up the side Marley Leyva, , watches rain roll down a window during the Frida Fest (Tailyr Irvine

Jul , Effects of natural and artificial ageing on the physical and acoustic properties of wood in musical instruments Eiichi Obataya Journal of Effect of compression combined with steam treatment on the porosity, chemical compositon and cellulose crystalline structure of wood cell walls Jiangping Yin , Tongqi

Social good versus commercial gain Affordability versus gentrification Freedom v surveillance, local v global, public v private Which forces will define the future of the Marais of Paris

Dec , In a year marked by controversy over police tactics and race, this report by Pro Publica released this year painfully crystallized the issue They found, based on the limited data available, that, shockingly, black teenagers are far more likely to be killed by the police than their white counterparts Pro Publica