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Mar , Wherever possible local materials have been used, most notably the roofs covered with traditional Sri Lankan terra cotta tiling, the coconut timber wall panels and the granite dry stone kalugal walling Splashes of colour occur on inner boundary walls, a small homage to the Mexican architect Barragan as

Hybrid Studio is designed, conceptualized and developed by Hybrid Homes together with Hybrid Construction (pvt) Limited the manufacturing arm of the company The purpose of this Hybrid Studio is broadcast of TNL LiteFM radio channel during Christmas season from the Arpico Super Centre located at the Hyde Park

Feb , When it comes to my Hybrid Home, Beauty is more than the skin deep Its unique exterior with Marine Auto grade paintwork offers significantly greater and improved gloss appearance in comparison to other houses Further these specialized Marine Auto grade paints keep the exterior wall panels protected

Jul , Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up within the iconic pink walls at La Muralla Roja Or, you could finally swim in the rooftop pool atop the Brutalist Torres Blancas in Madrid, or even enjoy the weekend in a house designed by Pritzker laureate Shigeru Ban in Sri Lanka Thanks to house renting

Example You could create a one bedroom Hybrid House with Living Room Unit and Bedroom Room Unit Also if you wish to Interior panels are insulated with special heat resistant insulation that assures an internal temperature below c Cladding Wall mounted fan and Provision for Nos AC units Pantry .

Dec , India defeated Sri Lanka by five wickets in the third and final Twenty international at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai to sweep the series on Sunday.

Sep , This holiday chalet called Hornbill House has walls of stone and mud brick, and nestles into the hillside of a tea and coffee plantation in southern India Across the Palk Strait from Tamil Nadu is this holiday home in Sri Lanka, which is raised on stilts over a rubber plantation Like Hornbill House, it features

May , Sri Lanka has rejected China request to dock one of its submarines in Colombo this month, two senior government officials said on Thursday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in the island nation.

In working with my clients choosing color for their home, I always recommend they get smaller cans of paint and paint the color choices (I always choose three per room) on large sheets of construction or art paper, then tape them to the walls and move them around Live with them for several days so you can see what they

Aug , Images of the north eastern tip of Sri Lanka where the final bloody stage of the war was fought in .

Sep , The apology was sprayed in black paint on a whitewashed wall on the front of the property in Liverpool on August The previous day it was covered with racist and Islamophobic graffiti and several windows were broken, police investigating the hate crime said The owners are Hindus of Sri Lankan

Nov , Hardik Pandya, who had asked for a break from the Test series vs Sri Lanka, has been included in the side for the ODI leg.

May , The spacious bathrooms include a freestanding soaking tub with sensual bath salts and twin vanities for an added ounce of luxury (chic feature the bathroom can be separated from the rest of the room with wall to wall sliding panels) Views of the restless cerulean ocean greet you on the terrace,

May , Chinese building equipment found in Arunachal Pradesh village Passenger manhandled Parliament panel slams IndiGo for thrashing passenger Donald Trump US suspends all military assistance to Pakistan Sambhaji Bhide Riot accused right wing leader Sambhaji Bhide says he wasn t involved in

Jun , I say coming because as of Spring , you can still easily find Ts on the shelves of, for example, Target and Home Depot A shop light is different from a typical fluorescent fixture in that, rather than being hardwired into the building power, it has its own power cord that plugs into a wall outlet.

Mar , From Pidurangala to Sigiriya, ancient rocks and ruins reveal Sri Lanka s past My lodgings for the next three nights will be a tree house not a platform in the trees but a traditional, thatched roof structure built out of slim trunks and open to the jungle Huge boulders clasped by gnarled roots surround my

Sri Lanka being a tropical country close to the equator, is very hot and humid How would a hybrid house The house is completely termite free because the structure of the house is made out of steel and the interior cladding is done using gypsum boards which are resistant to termite attacks How many floors higher can

May , low cost housing building systems in africa by moladi be reduced significantly from the lightweight system the moladi model is not only cost effective but fast, too the wall structure of a house can be completed within a day in remote areas, the construction does not require heavy machinery or electricity.

May , The principle of non violence is central to Buddhist teachings, but in Sri Lanka some Buddhist monks are being accused of stirring up hostility towards other faiths and ethnic Smaller Buddhas line the walls It raided Muslim owned slaughter houses claiming, incorrectly, that they were breaking the law.