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Watch this video to see how to build a DIY outdoor playset in your yard from pressure treated wood, complete with a swing set, climbing wall, and playhouse and then it s covered by asphalt roll roofing to keep out the water On top of that we screw down more dog eared fence boards to give the roof a more finished look.

Nov , Application of the materials of this invention in polymer wood composites is also contemplated With the rising cost of wood and the shortage of mature trees, there is a need to find good quality substitutes for wood that are more durable and longer lasting (less susceptible to termite destruction and wood

DIY Playground Part Adding the Roof I d like to start out by saying this It s not my fault When you start a blog, you set these mental goals for yourself Try not to suck Have fun Find someone who will read it who did not birth you Always be honest Never talk about the Pythagorean theorem Stuff like that Today that last

The focus of most current playground play systems is typically centered upon some type of large post and deck structure Further, they can be utilized to add aesthetic value to the system based on their own appearance and or by covering any portion of the system having a relatively unappealing visual quality.

Aug , a composite, lightweight, stretchable grow media wrapped around the support structure, the grow media comprising a vinyl based, non permeable, ultraviolet The reservoir contains a pool of water, which is pumped up through a pipe to a water distribution system that is located at the top of the

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Also, in order to fit different types of playground and different ages of players, different types of sportsball with different levels of softness and stiffness must be of foaming layer which are positioned between the seam channels and sandwiched between the outer rubber layer and the inner rubber layer fused on top of the

Nov , In particular embodiments, the present invention enables composites comprising melt processed polypropylene or polyethylene terephthalate compounded with at least wt of silver sulfate, and wherein the presence of the color stabilizer results in lower colorimetric a and b values and a higher

Nov , A composition compnsing a high flash point polyester resin, said polyester resin having a flash point of greater than ┬ĚC, the composition molding of phenohcs has been extremely rapid The development of this technique allows the molder to automate further, reduce labor costs, improve quality,

They also bore into decks, outdoor furniture, fence posts, and swing sets Softer woods like pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress are more Avoid Wood Treatments Since carpenter bees don t actually eat wood, treating it doesn t do much good Stay Alert There s no way to completely prevent or eliminate carpenter bees.

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Jun , Jennifer Lawson, the city s water quality manager, said residents are encouraged to contact the city about basement flooding and storm damage The city also has plans for major stormwater improvements when it reconstructs Madison Street this summer, replacing the existing composite pavement

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In addition, the analysis provided by the techniques provided herein can be consistent and unbiased so as to provide high quality, objective analysis in a highly scalable system without the need for personal training of numerous observers For example, motion sensing testing systems can be deployed nationally for

The mechanical properties of matrices are influenced by the condition of the reinforcing fiber and the quality of the preparation process In general, the greater the fiber length in the product, the higher certain mechanical moduli will be The fiber to matrix weight ratio in the final product can also affect mechanical properties