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Nov , , a two high stack or block of foot long ISO containers are in the left most column in the third foot long row of a deck a of the frame It should The form of a longitudinal element may be a cylindrical tube, e.g that may be plugged over a cylindrical tube extension (not visible in FIG.

May , The board is individually hand shaped from a polyurethane foam blank, and the fiberglass and resin are applied by hand over the shaped foam core This close to shape molding has the d back of increasing the requisite number of blank molds for surfboard production, and frequently leaves

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Jul , Unlike composite open web steel joists supporting simple span metal decks, the new shear connection ready joist incorporates a flat topped chord to allow (d) concrete topping placed over the metal decking and extending into the space between the first and second flanges of the base track, with the

Jul , The portable elliptical exercise apparatus according to claim , wherein the resistance assembly is configured to assert a resistance to the left pedal ,, describes a stationary cycling machine with an onboard computer and an interface for communicating with external computers and networks.

Two modules are insertable at the left edge of the adapter, two at the right of the adapter, and one at the rear (outer) edge of the adapter The adapter with one or more the Polaroid PDC , for example When placed in an adapter A, such images can be transferred to another PC anywhere in the world over the Internet.

In an off center collision, which the majority of collisions are, i.e in a collision accident where the vehicle s left or right front sections collide with another vehicle or stationary object, the bulkheads A G tend to collapse as does the composite honeycomb structure between them, redirecting the body during the momentum

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Oct , Advantages of the present invention over the prior art include enhanced dynamic stability of the cementitious foam In other words, a is a set of photographs of a sample of cementitious foam P of the present invention (left photo) and the use of this material in a corrugated steel deck (right photo) FIG.

The end plate is over sized in the lateral direction such that two flanges extend outwardly at right angles relative to the sidewall panels , Openings may be Once the concrete sets around the Nelson studs a composite deck is formed having a large span capacity suitable for flooring assemblies Instead of

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An upstanding inverted channel integral with and extending upwardly from the main body portion of the panel is located intermediate the male and female channels with the medial channel having its side wall substantially parallel over the initial section and with one side wall stepped out wardly to provide an internal

Nov , But if it s money you re after, it isn t always necessary to paint over your past work, according to game preservationist Frank Cifaldi He has worked with studio Games specifically designed for the color blending present with CGA s composite output is an extreme example CGA s limited awful palette could

Oct , This is a new PC compatible DOS game for the year I was also lucky enough to receive a Shenzhen I O patch leftover from a previous promotion There is a final card which is unique (it looks like a flower) and when uncovered goes directly to its own space on the completed portion of the deck.

May , d a row of apertures in a left hand side flange portion and in a right hand side flange portion of each of said first and second channel patch members and in , , discloses a Foundation system and Pile Coupling for Use Therein comprising a circular cross section collar that is placed over the end of

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Mar , It is soul crushing to create a beautiful monster, capable of carrying tonnes of cargo only to have no money left to fill it up with gold Agreeing to drop tonnes of Auto fabricators over comms, revving up to full speed and only dropping cannisters while you quickly boost away is a totally valid tactic.

Oct , The hardening of the rigidifying material results in a composite preformed rigid roof or dome having a membrane liner and an overlay of composite construction Shotcrete, with or without reinforcing, is sometimes placed over the membrane and the membrane is removed after the concrete is hardened.

In one embodiment, the communication network interface is configured to receive the data related to the broadcast programming over a communication network In another application, the data may be transferred between the receiver and one or more other electronic devices, such as personal computers (PCs) or