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Dec , I think it s really good that everybody now shares their in house tech stuff but one thing that would be nice to see is big scale fluid simulations as we have seen from ILM, Scanline This information would enable freelancers like me a chance to do something as big as that The Dragon Water Splash for

Aug , The library is built around a philosophy of complete ecosystems from the very small to the very large, covering every specimen of a growing variety of biomes, and is rapidly expanding with hundreds of scans every week The online Megascans library is available for subscription from month for

Jan , [ CGAxis Dmodel CinemaD Vray ] CGAxis has unveiled its Models Volume D Medical with many kinds of d stuff like stethoscope, hospital table, rehabilitation walker, wheelchair, operating lamp, operating table, hospital bed and many others.

Nov , [ CGI dsMax Vray Zbrush ] CGI Lady on the Sofa by Seungmin Kim using ds Max , Zbrush , V Ray and Marvelous Designer Last Pirate Standing Art of Vang Cki Ahmed_AVA online [ CGI dsMax Vray Zbrush ] CGI Lady on the Sofa by Seungmin Kim using ds Max, Zbrush, V Ray and

May , [ GNOMON D Concept dsMax keyshot Photoshop ] GNOMON has unveiled new training DVD called Design Techniques for D Concept Art with Gavriil Klimov with using Autodesk ds Max, Luxion Keyshot and Adobe Photoshop

Oct , Gravity got me in a space mood so I decided to make an astronaut Inspiration taken from a variety of real and concepted space suits Took around hours Cloth parts started in Marvelous Designer and finished in Zbrush Hard surface stuff done in d Max Rendered in Mentalray design based on a

Aug , Logan The Visual Effects from Rising sun Pictures, Image Engine and Halon Edit this post [ Film VFX ] Logan is a comic book movie unlike any other Although it continues the tale of Marvel s most grizzled hero the lacon Artist Profile Luan Nguyen Digital Matte Painting Artist.

Jun , Back then it was something incredible to be able to create boxes and spheres and just to rotate the things in the viewport I was blown away ) Then later at the University I started to use it for architectural renderings and realized I could actually do this for a living What luck! I felt saved as I sucked at

Mar , I basically linked the particle emitter to a Null Object with a wiggle expression then start playing with the turbulence and auxilary particle creation Then I added some lens textures from Optical Flares and various images in Photoshop