waterproof composite panel for flooring manufacture

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The present invention relates to floor panels and more particularly, to free floating sub floor panels capable of supporting a floor and having a rigid waterproof lower layer that permits This patent describes a composite modular floor tile for use in athletic playing surfaces such as basketball courts and tennis courts.

Sectional flooring includes a first flooring unit and a second flooring unit assembled together using connecting structures that are different along long sides and short sides With respect to the long sides, the first flooring unit includes a first indentation, a catch extension extending away from the first indentation and in a short

Oct , Waterproof engineered floor and wall planks have a wear layer and an underlayer about an extruded dust and plastic composite core Such laminate flooring is manufactured with numerous desirable properties such as reasonable cost, stain resistance, wear resistance, easy maintenance, and fire

Yet another object of the invention is to pro vide construction units which are adaptable in design to either shop prefabrlcation for mass production, or which may be The foundation and the basement floor may be made completely waterproof and may be strengthened, as shown, by imbeddng therein panels made up of

A panel insert assembly including a panel and an insert, wherein the panel includes a core and a face sheet positioned over the core, wherein the face sheet defines an opening therein, and wherein Specifically, sandwich panels are used as the flooring, walls and bulkheads that define the passenger cabin of an aircraft.

Feb , A method of manufacturing such composite comprising coating an APP compound on the top surface and affixing a self adhesive compound to the bottom Underlayments, commonly utilized under shingle roofing material, metal roofing panels or tile roofing, provide waterproofing characteristics and are

Mar , The floor panel is preferably manufactured by forming a shaped flat sheet of metal into a bottom pan of approx square, with an approx ( mm) lip This part is preferably applied on an interior surface with adhesive and a ( mm) centre core panel that is also preferably applied with an