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Oct , Anyway, I read above about you not being sure how much the house weighs my axles can handle lbs in total, so before I started building on my trailer, I took the trailer to the weigh scale at the We will have a small deck out front that will be more as a place to take off shoes and store them outside.

I can remember looking at the first picture of this house and going are you sure that that s a brand new home to the realtor because it actually looked like it had been in existence for a long time, especially with the And I can see they ve used a lot of high quality materials with composite decking and the different columns.

Dec , On Fridays and Sundays during Deck the Hall, bring your family to enjoy classic holiday movies You re sure to be transported by the dueling soldiers, the enchanted fairies, exquisite dancing snowflakes and an absolutely magnificent growing Christmas tree, when this special production comes to life at

Jul , Regardless of where you re staying, no visit to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to the Fairmont s Tonga Room, just a short walk away Opened in , it s one of the oldest tiki bars in America and still packs in the crowds (make sure to book a reservation) Once you arrive, it won t take long

Jul , Dobson Ranch is in Mesa s zip code and is located just east of Price Road, stretching to Alma School Rd, south of the Superstition freeway all the way four swimming pools, seven man made lakes, three recreation centers and miles of lakeside pathways perfect for morning walks or evenings jogs.

Jul , Hopefully after the deck is painted and maybe a pergola added I will be able to find some reasonably priced cushioned furniture to sit out here on Just a bit of info my MIL has the and it actually seems slippery to me when I walk on it with shoes (other than something rubbery like flip flops, etc.).

Feb , People from all walks of life including staunch environmentalists use fossil fuels every day and justify it based on the cost benefit to themselves Even Bill McKibben once admitted that he was a hypocrite, but like you he rationalized his hypocrisy And that, in a nutshell, is why the world is so dependent

Some of us need to save up before we can build our dream deck or porch but we need to get in and out of our home safely in the meantime These terms are part of the support that you hold onto as you walk up and down the stairs A baluster is Make sure to factor in shipping costs into the price of the steps as you shop.

And the seams were starting to come undone in a certain spot I m guessing The main reason is because laminate is a lot more economical, especially for the price bracket our house falls into They have up to off more than , products from categories (flooring, decking, carpet, furniture, home decor, etc.).

Check the location of the fence against an official survey of the lot to make sure the fence is on your property Call to have the utility companies come out and check to make sure there aren t any buried lines where you ll be digging the fencepost holes Using a drill to attach pressure treated wood deck boards.

Dec , I especially enjoy taking walks beside the ocean where I live or in the local woods and switching on all my senses to absorb the scents, sounds and energy of the life all around During the holidays I think we all feel a certain amount of pressure to create that holiday cheer by decking the halls so to speak.

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Aug , We also are still working on a potential front deck idea with our builder that would go uncovered on the south side of the house Porch Ceiling White We originally had three windows on the lower level walk out but we eliminated one window to leave room in our budget for the enlargement of our windows.