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Mar , A prefabricated, modular shelter system that utilizes a series of identical enclosures, each made from barrier panels connected to define the shape of a modifiable dodecagon prism The top The barriers can be as basic as a fence or more complex enclosures, such as corrals or cages or actual buildings.

Sep , The barrier system for roadways according to claim wherein the hollow plastic part is a plastic outer covering for an elongate cast concrete core contained therein A cast concrete road barrier having at least one side for facing a traffic lane, a lower support surface, a top surface, and openings along

Jan , The fence frame comprised of posts and railings are suitable for receiving a fence covering made up of aluminum sheet panels, plastic panels, wood pickets, This invention pertains to a fence construction and particularly to a fence comprising parts that are readily prefabricated so that they can be put

A fluidtight seal connection for a pair of precast concrete structural panels having opposed recesses on their confronting surfaces includes an elongated locking A plastic bearing strip or shim is positioned adjacent the interior edge of shoulder and assures accurate leveling of the floor slab prior to mounting of the

Jul , Flat fabric panels may be cut and joined together with high precision, much like pieces that make up a perfectly tailored piece of clothing For example, a membrane may be positioned on top of wire fencing which in turn is supported by a double curved structure made using the method according to

May , The plastics or polymer (e.g polyurethane elastomer) core acts as a natural damper, reducing vibrations (damping coefficient for risers according to the invention can be between The connections for railings, seating and longitudinal joint seals can be similar to those for prestressed or precast concrete.

Dec , is a perspective view of the Applicant s extendible height ISO container and shelter with the roof fully raised and roof panels removed for ease of illustration and showing the roof cover frame in partly Cover may be made of a waterproof PVC coated polyester or the like, which may be insulated.

Mar , Plastic, wood, composite, and metal materials, for example, have been used in the past for the construction of pergolas, but the method of connection and layout requirements of such pergolas increase The horizontal strips need not have a modular layout in order to be snapped down to tap lock ( FIG.

Nov , In general, the wider the spectrum of the energizing light, the longer the afterglow of the photoluminescent plastics White light It is suitable for blending, coating metal, cement and plastics and provides a wet look It has a Typical applications include roofing tiles and other precast construction products.

Dec , is an exploded view of one section of the modular guideway and also shows how the air bearings are located on the vehicle Duty cycle Watts______________________________________Air bearing fan motor (also provides ventilation) Continuous Interior lights for reading, panel displays, etc.

Dec , G shows the detailed layout of the predator traps comprising a moat, bunds, flat metal piece, fence, and electrified wire grids to keep out unwanted intruders FIG A shows an artificial nesting structure built with concrete or wooden frame and pre fabricated nesting panels to form compartments and slots

Oct , The person securing the item will generally use what is available, such as fences, railings, trellises, parking meters, and lamp posts All of these Optionally, the ring is covered by a resilient plastic to provide a surface that is easier to handle and to aid in preventing damage to the movable object.

Jun , The modular simulated brick sections of claim , in which a flat rigid panel is insertable in registry with said section from the rear to present a closed box like structure of increased rigidity A free standing modular simulated plastic brick section for mounting upon the ground or other base, said section