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Aug , Built by Point Space in Braov, Romania Brasov is one of the Transylvanian cities built in the Middle Ages by German (Saxon) colonists Most of its In the last ten years the city council has commenced a programme of gradual restoration and conversion of the remaining walls, towers and bastions.

Jun , project urban townhouse location new york, ny completed november project team architecture and construction by gluck (in alphabetical order) guido furlanello peter l gluck thomas gluck robert holton jason kreuzer shlomit levav ab moburg davis scott scales jeff straesser jason walls consultants .

Apr , This cozy loft, renovated by TECON, is located in Bucharest, Romania Bedroom privacy is ensured by a mobile panel made of polycarbonate and wood slides The house configuration with a property limit blind wall has resulted in a higher area in the attic, and so that allowed a partial extrafloor The new

Dec , from an environmental perspective, the complex has been built according to low energy construction methods, entirely insulated on the inside a center is a narrow, elongated building that forms the boundary of the plot a continuous strip of high level glazing in the back wall allows visual contact with the

Feb , Byrum adds that one of the drivers behind this change is that serious consideration of total cost of ownership is often not a factor for EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) firms When it comes to automating their production operations, users want an integrated solution, he said And they want

Jun , Prejmer is a village in Romania s Transylvania region that has the biggest and most spectacular example of a medieval fortified church in the country Inhabitants of this part of Transylvania used to be so frequently plagued by marauding invaders that they built thick walls, lined with chambers, around their

Mar , Officers also seized eight false ATM fronts, eight pin hole cameras in various stages of construction which are used to capture personal identification numbers (Pins) and eight Lebanese loops, which are used to retain a customer s card The two men arrested, aged and , are Romanian nationals.

days ago The project purpose was to design a flag ship two storey office building with a massive timber structure (according to the Austrian and Romanian The structure consisted mainly of industrially prefabricated wood construction CLT panels and glue lam elements, carrying out the premise that wood is the

Nov , Early example of a sea bag, made either ashore or at sea, out of linen panels and hand sewn and hand embroidered It is decorated The , passenger ship will leave the protection of its covered construction dock for the shipyard s harbor to undergo tests to its stabilizers and rudders It will remain

May , As for veneering, yes, you bet that is a great way to create a big desk top without gluing up a panel from solid wood Veneering has a lot of advantages! nd, you have to understand the construction of plywood and it s purpose to realize why your request doesn t work Each layer (or ply) is turned

Jun , GLUCK designs a tranquil library and study retreat in the catskills, composed of a simple palette with extensive views of the forest.

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Vatesi said on November that the licence allows the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) company to begin construction of the repository, known as B , using The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) team, which concluded an eight day follow up mission to Romania on October to review its

Nov , A prefabricated timber frame allowed a speedy on site construction Slim concrete panels were used for roofing and to clad the two longer facades, while the gables are rendered with white plaster omHOUSE by insert studio We chose materials that would not make the house too flashy, said Rosca.

Dec , The following active systems have been integrated heat pump (with gas boiler backup,) floor baseboard radiation heating, wall and ceiling radiation heating and cooling, fresh air ventilation with heat exchanger, solar panels, spa area dehumidifier, electric generator (especially for the heat pump but also for

Sep , CHUNCHEON, South Korea Han Hye kyung s wheelchair is folded and leaning against the wall at the apartment entrance two floors below The three judge panel said the prolonged exposure to various toxic chemicals during [Yu mi s] work gave rise to or at least accelerated the development of

Dec , You replace your existing in wall switch with one from Cas├ęta, link it to the Smart Bridge, and boom! You ve got IKEA s smart lighting range, which offers smart bulbs, lighting panels, and lighted doors for IKEA cabinetry, will be getting Apple HomeKit support sometime in the summer or fall The smart

Mar , It used to be the residence of the Royal family of Romania and now it is leased by the Romanian state so that people can visit The castle is a beautiful Renaissance building, surrounded by forest, at the bottom of a mountain The inside of Peles Castle is spectacular, with walls dressed in carved woodwork

Kurdistan Region Iraq Mobile () xxx E mail [email protected] Website Romania, Bucharest Office KURDS NGO Strada parcului Vila g, Bucuresti, Sector , Romania Mobile E mail [email protected] Website The Nature of Kurdistan

Colourful mosaic panels covered the walls of bus shelters throughout the country contrasting with grey houses and faceless apartment blocks On the outskirts of cities there A construction machine parked next to the road, (but no actual work in progress) was their excuse for the low limit! fine Soon we were stopped

Feb , Completed in in Bucharest, Romania Marked by the presence of the protected area and the two, vastly diverging adjoining configurations on the one side, the curtain wall of an office building, on the other the full, processed facade of a residential building the buildable contour was that of a