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Nov , A wood burning stove and under floor pipes provide heating for the space omHOUSE by insert studio A glass door leads out from the corner of the living and dining room onto an area of decking at the back of the house omHOUSE by insert studio In the brightly painted turquoise bathroom, a strip of

Nov , The best thing is a board that is flexible and will go with the flow when it rains and the moisture skyrockets or when the sun beats down all day baking the wood dry Ipe Decking Red Rocks We worked with Tech Western Inc to supply Ipe for the benches at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO.

Feb , The new layout by Ashton Porter Architects includes a courtyard garden between the house and studio that s landscaped with timber decking, A glazed strip round the bottom of the studio s wooden facade makes it appear to float above the floor, which is the same level inside as out on the decking.

Oct , Buying lumber for a project can be frustrating because of differing expectations between the buyer and seller and no clear way to qualify those with a However, whether a lumber dealer or manufacturer, home builder or contractor, we all need to be asking our customer what they mean by top grade or

Aug , Sections of timber from the terraces continue inside along the ceilings to provide a visual connection between indoor and outdoor space Similarly, wood effect ceramic floor tiles inside follow on from timber decking outside Knot House by Atelier Chang Because we have wet areas such as the bath and

Dec , Basically, we are getting closer to a synthetic product than an organic, hydroscopic one The more To the average buyer this is a very frustrating statement, because at the end of the supply chain it is very difficult to ask questions about the manufacture process and the quality control measures involved.

Jan , What do the lumber grades FAS and Common really mean to you when buying the hardwoods for your next project If you understand how grading works and it s limitations, then you can help your lumber supplier to provide the best quality product to suit your project Whatever that project may be.

May , The realities we are discovering is that we are far from answers on the legalities of the lumber, concerns about quality control have been raised, and a looming log ban will essentially drop inventories to zero The already climbing Right now, only about of the timber once available can be harvested.

Oct , Now, as the economic light at the end of the tunnel grows larger and global demand is on the rise, the African saw mills aren t ready to meet that supply Lumber production isn t something that can be rushed, so ramping up production again to match the demand meets a bottleneck every time Production is

May , I m also adding a layer of rigid foam on the outside of the new wood framing before adding siding, which adds even more R value and even more importantly will cut the thermal You re not sure if you conveyed everything properly due to your respective lack of Spanish and English comprehension.

Jun , Old Wood Box becomes Charming Bench from My Creative Days Old Wood Box transformed into charming Bench Iced Coffee Bar from I Should be Mopping the Floor (I thought this would be perfect for an Hot C fish Dip Fairhope Supply Co.o Thrifty Ideas for Decking Out Your Deck

Sep , Promenades on different levels offer various ways of navigating the waterfront, with the wooden decking rearing up at one point to create a diving in Croatia with steps, terraces and textured paving, and a coastal path in England featuring a staircase that provides access to a historic naval supply yard.