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Jul , Large windows and glazed doors on one wall allow natural light to fill the room The daylight is filtered through fabric panels suspended from the wooden structure and bamboo cane screens En Yu an shop by Fumihiko Sano Naked light bulbs suspended from the ceiling offer supplementary illumination

Jul , There is an interesting contrast between the walls covered in Bisazza mosaic tiles, perfect and delicate, and the cement floor, basic and unfinished The long, narrow centre table resembles a centipede The coloured mirrors placed on the ceiling elongate perspective and give the store added warmth.

Aug , On my last trip to Africa, several of the villages had small general stores that sold charging time using portable solar panels Everyone would drop their It s not going to charge my cell phone in minutess like a wall plug will and I can t connect it to my laptop directly However, it is quite efficient and with a

Sep , We can adapt this collection more and more, do different bases with different vessels, said Broom Podium by Lee Broom As he is launching vases, Broom has decided to turn his showroom on Rivington Street into a flower shop From to September , panels filled with flowers will cover the walls

Aug , Beyond it, the simple space features illuminated wood panel walls, whitewashed floorboards and a reflective ceiling The colourful products are displayed on dark shelves, supported by cylindrical rods malin goetz apothecary shops jonathan tuckey interior london_dezeen__ The simple space

Aug , Mysterious , year old woodhenge found in Yorkshire may have been used as an ancient sauna Apple blames smart roof software bug for blunder that caused Chicago store to dump snow and ice on Elon Musk s production hell continues as Tesla reveals it delivered just , Model cars in the

Aug , IKEA is expanding its solar panel offering with a battery storage solution, which it claims could help homeowners cut their electricity bills by per cent The Swedish furniture giant has been selling solar panels since , but has announced it will now also sell battery packs that allow users to store the

We ve taken geometric stencils to a new level! Our Tribal Vibe Allover Wall Stencil is inspired by the many geometric shapes found in African art Add an Afro chic touch to any room with this modern take on traditional motifs.

Apr , Gone are the days when you had to be content with what the local hardware store had to offer It does Most South Africans are very familiar with ceiling boards as being of a gypsum construction Similar to pvc suspended ceilings, drywall panels has become the de facto material to use in partitioning.

May , A continuous mirror that wrapped the inside wall further blurred the distinction between reality and illusion by reflecting the entire catwalk a technique that Opened in and completed in , the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall was home to Prada s first store, which opened in and

Jul , From the Great Wall of Lagos to a Hemp House great things are happening in the region FROM DECEMBER ARCHITECTURE cropping up in Africa is achieving international acclaim for some of the most innovative and sustainable building designs in the world In some cases it is a single building

Aug , Tesco is trialling a new technology which aims to solve the problem of an empty fridge the day you arrive back home from your holidays.

Dec , Stripping wallpaper can be done with chemicals or stripping tools, but care must be taken or damage can result to the wall Consult a home improvement store for specific instructions for your application o PAINT PROS If you are painting over a damaged wall, prepare imperfections with spackle and let dry

Jan , LA based studio West of West used white surfaces and plywood in a new Garrett Leight eyewear store to reinforce the brand s Californian identity and taking inspiration from the classic San Francisco bay window, West of West conceived the main display wall as a series of canted, modular boxes, said

Dec , A series of geometric frames are installed through this Miami fashion store by OHLAB, creating spaces for stepped shelves along the walls in between.

Apr , Here, the shelves form a herringbone pattern that covers the glazed facade of the two storey shop Frosted glass panels were used to build the boxy shelves on the inside of the walls, while on the outside they form a system of horizontal louvres Coach Omotesando by OMA Once the store is open