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Aug , Spanish architect Andrés Jaque has completed this house on a sloping site in Ibiza with a jumble of cascading terraces supported on stilts Never Never Land House by Andrés Jaque House in Never Never Land has been built in and among the site s existing features, with trees growing up through the

Feb , It s a great gateway drug for our car centric neighbors who always say things like I had no idea you could RIDE YOUR BIKE to Multnomah! planning map, the projects in SW are VERY expensive since they all require sidewalks, ROW expansions, retaining walls and water retention facilities.

May , designrulz sloping landscape design () A sloping lawn became the inspiration for this backyard makeover that includes a pond, dining area with room for a grill places for lounging and entertaining a putting green and an outdoor spa designrulz sloping landscape design () Retaining wall idea simple,

Craig Iacovino November , I took my first step on the Trail to Eagle in , when I became a Tiger Cub I did not know where scouting would lead me Wherever it went, I wanted to have fun while I progressed on the path My first experience camping was when my Dad took my brother Eric and me to Seneca Rocks

May , Electric fences are fine for a nice, submissive dog that the owner doesn t want to wander off but for a big, aggressive dog, bad idea In each case, the dog comes right out to the edge of the lawn that extends to the top of the retaining wall, so the sense of the dog coming at your head is especially scary.

Feb , The spatial configuration starts off understanding the educational philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi, which led to the idea of creating an element that The project has buildable and habitable conditions such as heat regulated system through the high thermal efficiency facade retaining wall system with natural

The formal English garden provides a soft, natural pathway to the kid s playground, a fun sand oasis with hammock, and a hidden nature trail We love how the natural river rocks, plants, ferns, flowers, water, and lighting contrast the large use of stone in the patio, stairs, retaining wall and waterfall A unique hardwood ceiling

Aug , Despite its pledge to avoid new foreign deals, the Trump Organization is moving forward with expansion plans in the United Arab Emirates After spending the campaign arguing that immigrants were taking Americans jobs and calling for a wall along the border with Mexico, Trump s anti immigration

Aug , Korean designers Podium have completed a cafe in Seoul, Korea, which is designed specifically for children Kids Cafe Piccolo by VONSUNG_top_mg_.jpg Called Kids Cafe Piccolo, the interior is made up of a cafe, play room, library, locker rooms and storage Cafe Piccolo by VONSUNG_mg_.

Mar , In particular, note that both entrances to the station are on th Ave SE, facing away from Surrey Downs, and indeed there is a large retaining and sound wall shielding residents from any inkling of (or easy access to) the Station It s regrettable for the cost effectiveness of the project (and future Surrey

Your home can have the most beautifully decorated interior, but without curb appeal, your family may become the scourge of the neighborhood But who s got the time to trim those out of control bushes, repave that cracked walkway and paint the porch Fortunately, DIY Network has the time In Desperate Landscapes

A drainage ditch installed to drain water from near the Mount Mercy Athletic Complex and Tomahawk Park near the intersection of th St NE and E Avenue NE in northeast Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday, Aug , Construction of the new Mount Mercy Athletic Complex is worsening flooding issues for neighbors

Aug , A new retaining wall on the steep slope provided the ground for this patio and new lawn Whether for roasting marshmallows with children or entertaining adults, the fireplace often becomes the outdoor meeting place for the family A chimney takes on the chill of spring and autumn nights, and ceiling fans

Dec , The entire staircaselike retaining walls, streets, and other staircases throughout the Soviet Unionhad been made of Jewish metseyves thinking about is Rose Lerner, but if you think that s a bad idea for whatever reason, or that it would be easier to market something a little more British, let me know.

Aug , I guess the idea is to improve the pedestrian experience along the route, and in the picture at right you can see where the new sidewalk replaces the old I was reading through the noise packet on the Lake St W website, and they note that voting for the noise walls weights your vote based on being a

Oct , Five years later, she owns two locations and plans to open up to six more Here s what she s learned We received the store with only shell walls, so it took a team to build our restaurant Where did you get most Johnny Rockets Camarillo and Rancho Mirage are our playgrounds I believe in hiring talent

Apr , Bloomfield Hills based developer Craig Schubiner provided some assurances Wednesday night that his Packard Square mixed use development, which is now underway on the former Georgetown Mall site, should be done by late summer next year Dozens of residents attended a meeting at the Pittsfield

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Sep , It is divided into two parts by Baxter Avenue, which bridges over the park with strong rock retaining walls The two When thinking about Tyler Park I kept coming back to the idea of a beer garden and a roller skating rink I am not a big The playground would be close bybut not too close Kids of all ages

When I was in high school, I got a consulting gig doing phone sales for a web hosting company I remember the first time I got paid and realized I could actually live an awesome lifestyle Of course, like most high school students, I was stupid I earned thousands of dollars, spent it all (I don t even remember on what), and

As an alternative to loss of recess for not getting work done, structure the student s recess, and they have to do what the teacher says rather than have free play Some ideas for that are Swing min Walk run the perimeter of the playground Balancing on retaining walls or railroad ties is even better Do jumping jacks.

May , Our yard is fairly small, but thanks the retaining wall we had built last year to level the side of the yard, we were able to create a pretty good play space for the boys along the side Have I mentioned lately how much I love that dollar section at the front of Target {now called Bullseye s Playground} ! LOVE!