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Features, Benefits and Technical Details

It is another important object of this invention to provide in a curtain wall structure a unitary, continuous, water proof barrier surrounding all panels, .except at vents and door openings, and in which the barrier is supported along the structural portions of the various mullions and rails in a mannerpreventing externalexposure

Jun , In new or renovation curtain wall (CW) construction in a downtown area, e.g due to the limited available space for construction traffic, it is desirable to enclose the first floor last, necessitating top down panel erection methods for the panels above the first floor Also, a top down renovation method allows

Nov , It should be noted at this point that some panels in a curtain wall can be juxtaposed to construction elements on one or more sides thereof This could be the case, for instance, of panels located in the uppermost row of a curtain wall The top horizontal pressure plate assembly or assemblies of one of such

Jun , The lowermost panels of the system are anchored to the building foundation, thus the load of the entire curtain wall system and the embedded reinforcing grid can means of adjusting the fitting together of panels to compensate for minor deviations in the dimensions and elevations of construction elements.

Nov , The invention uses rigid panels which cover the face of a building like a curtain wall system, providing a complete gasketed seal without the need for The current approach to the construction of large highrise commercial or residential buildings is to first construct a self supporting structure of a roof, floors

Oct , In one aspect, the bridge is placed at an intersection horizontal and vertical mullions to divert fluid along the curtain wall system Referring specifically now to the mullion intersection space, one example of a construction approach sometimes used in the industry and referenced above, is the manual

Jul , Cladding system like curtain walls can be constructed on site (in which case they are referred to as stick systems) or they can be assembled in panels at a unitized assembly shop as part of unitized systems such as unitized curtain walls that are shipped to the construction site In both cases, shadow boxes