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Feb , A precast concrete retaining wall system adapted for use as a wing wall for a concrete culvert to retain a backfill of soil, comprising a precast concrete vertical retaining wall adapted to be supported by a concrete footer, at least one ,,, the disclosure of which is incorporated herein by reference.

A construction for a waste treatment tank comprised of a plurality of precast concrete panels extending to approximately the full height of the tank is shown Each of the precast concrete panels has a plurality of horizontal stressing tendons which are freely movable and pass through the panels and through continuous

Aug , Numerous methods and materials exist for the construction of retaining walls Such methods include the use of natural stone, poured concrete, precast panels, masonry, and landscape timbers or railroad ties A widely accepted method of construction of such walls is to dry stack concrete wall units, or blocks

Nov , Many retaining wall systems incorporate the use of precast stone face retaining wall systems with counterforts or tie backs combined with geogrid, or geomesh creating a total system of retention Until now no one has incorporated the two components, face stone and geogrid, mesh fabric or textile into one

The shell is fabricated from three basic precast prestressed concrete building elements namely wall panels, T beams, and louver posts The wall panels and louver posts are positioned , CONCRETE COOLING TOWER Assignee Ec odyne Corporation, Chicago, Filed Mar , ] Appl No.

Interior walls are cast integrally with the exterior walls and the roof to divide the building units into separate rooms The bottoms of the Original Assignee, Zachry Co H B Export Citation Most modular housing is in the form of wood frame houses made from prefabricated building wall panels, frames, and trusses A major

A modular security vault structure having a plurality of prefabricated concrete panels forming the vault side, ceiling and floor walls ] MODULAR CONCRETE VAULT STRUCTURE Inventors John C Marciniak, Canton William D Burkey, Louisville, both of Ohio Assignee Diebold, Incorporated, Canton, Ohio.

Jan , A composite steel stud wall construction system has a bottom track perforated to receive reinforcing dowels projecting from a concrete support element, such that infill ,, filed on Apr ,, and the specification of said earlier application is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety.

Sep , For safety reasons, and in order to secure their position, each slab may be welded between each other and to the wall system below through the use of steel inserts, exposed reinforcing and or steel angles bolted to the walls and the slabs Once the precast slabs are erected, all plumbing penetrations and

HIS HGEN T April , J H WILSON CONCRETE SLAB WALL JOINT Sheets Sheet Filed Aug , John US , Sep , , Sep , , John Muller, Prefabricated building construction US , May , , Dec , , Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co, Building tile containing cellular glass.

Apr , Original Assignee, Pn Ii, Inc The tool of claim wherein said first dimension corresponds to a length of said pre cast concrete wall section This invention relates generally to building construction materials and, more particularly, to an apparatus for fabricating precast concrete wall sections .

Aug , A prefabricated wall system for free standing subdivision partitions, highway sound and visual barriers, privacy walls, or walls of a building having a each said wall section supported by a pair of angle irons co extensive with its bottom edges and welded to said rebar in said side recesses, said rebar in

Dec , This invention relates to a combination precast concrete traffic barrier element and a precast C shaped retaining wall, and a method of constructing a traffic barrier using the element on the vertical face of the retaining wall The barrier element is a profiled reinforced block of concrete having a bottom surface

Mar , Original Assignee, Kreico Building Systems, Inc A precast concrete wall panel according to claim , wherein the second end of said panel wall comprises an integrally cast, projecting tongue having a cross sectional thickness, measured in a front to back direction, which is less than the thickness of said

Jan , Original Assignee, Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc Export Citation The wall block system of claim wherein the side wall faces generally taper from the front face to the rear face The wall block Block is made of a rugged, weather resistant material, preferably pre cast concrete Other suitable

Jul , The reinforced precast concrete members may be in various forms, for example, in the form of precast concrete vertical column sections, such as disclosed in U.S Pat No ,, and in European Patent No ,, or in the form of precast vertical wall panels or sections In the construction of vertical

BY Awanhmawf W ORNE KS United States Patent ,, INTERLOCKING BLOCKS AND WALL CONSTRUCTION Carl R Sams, Ottawa Ave A still further object is to provide prefabricated blocks, usable in the construction of walls for buildings in general, and to which a complete finished inside and