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Dec , Since we don t have a television, Don set up his large computer monitor on the microwave stand, and hooked it up to Younger Daughter s computer (which has a CD slot) Well let me tell you, Darcy was fascinated Absolutely enthralled at the sight of the movie He d never seen anything like it We laughed

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Nov , Nice for a walk round but neither of the malls will be a shoppers paradise unless they can come up with different shops stores instead of cloning what we already have available in Cyprus Cydee years ago And, naturally, I expect the roof is covered with pv panels to help with the electricity cost

Aug , Sunshine and fresh air can t be beat when it comes to naturally beating back germs and odors which is why I hung my kids cloth diapers on a line, and still hang out kitchen towels, sheets, underwear and socks I like line drying t shirts, dress shirts and pants, too, but I turn them inside out to protect them

Nov , She writes Your dog may appear to be very active when he first enters your backyard After all, he does have canine chores to perform, like patrolling the perimeter and sniffing his turf for signs of intruders Heck, he might even stalk a bird or run back and forth along the fence for a bit But once he s checked

May , That often indicates a cow jumped a fence or something is otherwise amiss I decided to investigate Sadly, I saw this One of our heifers gave birth You don t even know the difference between a hog wire panel and powder river panels! May sound snarky but sometimes truth sounds that way Was this first

Sep , But eventually all the eggs got mixed, then I dropped quarter cup globs on cookie sheets Baked to minutes until golden Once cool, the idea is to slice them open, pull out the filaments to sort of hollow out the puff, and then fill it with something yummy The cream puff recipe includes a recipe for the

Jan , This house in Las Vegas is predominantly solid, d ing attention to itself through the second floor perforated triangular metal panels Modern Landscape by JD Stairs Inc JD Stairs Inc These panels shade the windows on the second floor, while also creating an interstitial zone for circulation A stair from

Aug , Our newer cages have been built with double galvanized, gauge, × panels that do not require painting Our earlier cages were built of galvanized, The fencing should be twelve feet tall and made of six gauge chain welded cattle panels and completely roofed In these yards should be kiddie toys

Jun , Invisible fences can cause behavioral problems in dogs.

Jul , They jumped ANY fence, effortlessly When it came time to butcher them we herded them into a small temporary enclosure of ft high fence panels and watched in disbelief as they clambered over them We were so very glad to see them put into the freezer We would do our own butchering, aging,

Jun , the zoo installed a new, foot tall wall made of tempered safety glass panels Two Polar Bears at the Prospect Park Zoo, May On a dare, after a group of boys sneaked into the Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn one night in May , an year old climbed over a tall spiked fence and entered the

May , I was outside in a flash, in time to see a coyote blatantly clambering over the compost pile toward the fence into the woods Hey, get out of here! I shouted, and ran toward it It disappeared from sight I stalked back and forth, checking for any injured birds and since there was an enormous pile of feathers at

Nov , This wall of cattle panels is temporary Don has permanent feed boxes planned which will regulate feeding much more efficiently (as well as waste less hay) Bonus pix chickens in the slushy driveway Life on a farm It s never dull True, we tend to lurch from crisis to crisis, but that seems to be par for the

Jan , Last week I submitted two articles to Backwoods Home Magazine Below are photos which might be suitable for illustrating the articles These are posted so the editor can choose which ones she wants These photos are for the article on kerosene lamps Some are alternate shots of the same scene.

May , We ve done this by making the fencing eight feet tall and strengthened at the bottom Some of the extra space this new area enclosed was earmarked for an orchard A few months ago, I got a list from our local feed store on what fruit trees they had ordered the previous fall I made our selection of four apple

Apr , We attended every school board meeting, got to know the principal and the teachers well and a few times even threatened class action lawsuits when we got no cooperation The liberals who run our school systems know they are wrong quite often, but they will always push ahead anyway, if parents remain

May , I don t mind living next to a farm but what I do mind is the farmers not keeping their fences fixed I have lost my entire garden different times Not one of these farmers offer payment the last time it happened I informed the farmers next time one of the cows will go in my freezer and for some reason the

Dec , and Matilda and her yearling heifer Amy get the larger stall Both our Jerseys are fairly low on the pecking order in the herd, so in inclement weather they re likely to get booted out from under the barn awning and have to suffer through rain or snow without shelter Because the barn stalls are now in daily

Oct , CG = Republic of the Congo CH = Switzerland CI = C?te d Ivoire CL = Chile CM = Cameroon CN = China CO = Colombia CR = Costa Rica CU = Cuba CV = Cape Verde CY = Cyprus CZ = Czech Republic DE = Germany DJ = Djibouti DK = Denmark DM = Dominica DO = Dominican Republic DZ = Algeria

Jun , If you choose to use a fence or kennel, please consider the appropriate height and material used so that your pet cannot jump over, climb, or get hung up on it trying to escape Your pet is microchipped Pets have their sneaky ways of escaping confinement We recommend providing both a microchip as

Jan , The camper came with after factory, w solar panel, ah gel battery and v LED lighting, v outlets and an inverter to be able to run He built a second green house, set up the snow fence, got the gardens all prepped for winter, did daily farm chores, some painting inside the house, built a couple

Jun , Last Monday Younger Daughter did something momentous she got her ears pierced We required both our girls to wait until they were sixteen before deciding on this Older Daughter was actually a couple of weeks short of sixteen when she got her ears pierced, but that was because their grandparents

Jul , The Cyprus government is to introduce new measures to legalise formerly illegal building extensions.