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This mobile home roof over article goes over the three top material choices for mobile home roof overs for both flat and pitched roofs MOBILE HOME ROOF OVER COVERED IN DECKARMOUR AND THEN METAL HAT TRACK APPROXIMATELY INCHES MOBILE HOME ROOF OVER INSTALL ONE INCH THICK

Why Unseasonably warm weather may reduce your heating bill in winter, but during the summer it can spell higher cooling costs How Install a If you have a flat or shallow pit roof, consider a green roof, which is either partially or completely covered in plants Green roofs Replace a wood deck with a concrete patio.

Jan , Portico is a fancy little word, which really means a covered front porch, so I m adopting that word for my new and improved little front porch I have a First thing they did was build the new decking for the porch floor and built the stairs in My old Wow, for all that work, that price sounds very reasonable!

Sep , Find the right glass door for your patio While the shallow slope of the ranch house s gable roof condemns it to a particular style and period, you can use this to your advantage If the ceiling is already vaulted, it might be covered with dark wood, which tends to cast a gloomy pall over an interior Consider

Mobile Home Additions require an understanding of foundations, roofing, siding and attachment methods We cover it all here.

Aug , Either place on the bottom of the top rafter cord and cover the gable ends or tented over the existing insulation Either will tend to reduce the heat flux to the living space around Usually, the additional insulation does not have a job to do so why add the expense Flux meter readings change

Consult an engineer, as you need to build a large roof that has to support a significant weight × lumber TRUSSES E sq ft of grooved plywood GABLE ENDS F pieces of × lumber , pieces of × lumber long OVERHANGS G pieces of plywood × DECKING

Radiant barrier roof sheathing has a highly reflective material facing the interior of your attic It will seriously reduce your home s energy consumption.

Sep , If you re steady and safe on a ladders and can keep your fear of heights at bay, you can probably fix your pool screen roof panels we built a custom built aluminum walk board from some foot long pieces of × pool beams, × struts and wrapped it all with a single piece of aluminum kick plate.

This is the lowest was wondering if some of you experts could review it for cost and Demo and Build Deck for Covered Screened Porch, Build x ( sq ft) Gable Roof Screen Porch Includes Shingles, Screens and Screen Door, Trim (Beaded Ceiling), Soffit, Fascia, Paint and Gutters,

Rise and run is critical to building a porch roof, cutting rafters, and even figuring out the amount of shingles to purchase Rise and run affects drainage, Flat roofs have restrictions as to the type of material that can used to cover them In addition, the flatter the roof, Slope also affects costs A roof (pretty steep) will

The photo below uses a flat roof design over the porch An additional patio area with a pergola has been added to increase the outdoor living space This is a great way to increase the size of a small porch porch with flat roof In the photo above, the flat roof covers a corner style front porch porch with both gable and shed

Jul , I specifically asked him to cover this topic since the question comes up so often advantage of spray foam is that it allows you to move the building envelope the boundary between conditioned and unconditioned space from the attic floor to the roof line The big disadvantage with spray foam is cost.

Nov , Thick, laminated, and reinforced glass is available that can withstand mph wind, but again, cost is a major issue To minimize wind damage, the following strategies can be employed hip roofs offer much less wind resistance than gable roofs metal tie down (hurricane) straps that tie the roof structure

Aug , Each of these systems also includes several interesting variations covered below The ridge beam is typically a larger member (like a x ) and carries the gravity load of the roof joists just as the bearing wall or header does at the With the columns removed, each end of the gable can be opened up.

which in return cuts cooling costs and prolongs the life of asphalt shingle roofs If your attic doesn t have proper ventilation, the best way to increase the flow of fresh air through your attic is by adding vents to the soffit boards on the bottom of your eaves Soffit eave vents work in conjunction with gable, roof, or ridge vents to

Mar , Most homes have a standard ventilated attic with visible gable vents on the sides, soffit vents along the bottom edge of the roof, and maybe a ridge vent at the peak Start by sealing every air leak from your house into your attic Recessed ceiling lights are Culprit install a Tenmat cover over every light

You can t go wrong with an American metal porch roof Whether you opt for standing seam metal roofs, metal shingles or shakes, or even patio covers and metal awnings, upgrading your porch roof can add instant value and beauty as well as significantly reduce your overall maintenance and costs Advertisements.

Dec , It wasn t in our initial plans, and on a whim, we decided to throw it in as a cost saving measure By doing so, we had that much less soil, gravel and plants to purchase, but it ended up surprising us as the sweetest little touch to the back patio Adding a box edge cushion and installing this cobalt gooseneck

From below, drive a deck screw up through the roof at each corner of the rough opening On the roof, strip the shingles about inches beyond those points, and snap a chalk line between each pair of screws Use a circular saw to plunge cut through the sheathing along the chalk lines, as shown, on three sides Stay off the

Aug , It is awful not having a cover by the door We did the same thing to our last home, a Georgian Colonial with hip roof We had a beautiful column porch built I designed it and was so very proud of how it turned out We too had to enlarge the stoop, redo the flower beds and than build a new walk way It was all

The sub deck is covered by a barrier fabric that is permeable to water vapor but that is substantially impermeable to liquid water As used in this document, the term ridge means a high location on a roof, such as where the roof deck intersects another roof deck for a gable or hip roof or intersects a vertical wall for a shed

To form the rafters, screw in a x ridge beam and x purlins (parallel roof framing), using a driver and inch ceramic screws Finish the framing by attaching additional xs to the base of the front and back gable walls, using inch ceramic screws Then, attach two more perpendicular x joists to form the floor support for