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Aug , A teacher asked UTAA to refurbish and extend an old building to create the Pinocchio children s centre a space for reading and educational The ground floor also has a large room for exhibitions, while the gabled first floor has two smaller house shaped structures where children can play or stage

From building a front porch to installing porch enclosures like screened porch kits for added living space, porch additions are almost always worth the cost We feature both a ranch and two story home and include various porch designs from simple pergola to expansive gable roofs along with different railing and column

Oct , Every autumn as leaves and temperatures fall, I anticipate the first fire in the fireplace I continue to build fires well through the cool spring nights Each new fire is a personal test of my log selection and arranging skills some of which I fail my father in law and I have a running contest to see who s fire will

Apr , US firm Lake Flato has built a waterfront retreat in Austin, Texas, featuring a two storey porch and a slender lap pool that runs alongside the home ( slideshow) Hog Pen house by Lake Flato Called the Hog Pen Creek Retreat, the house sits at the confluence of Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin, on a site

You ll see some intriguing designs along with traditional shed roofs, flat roofs, gables, hip, and many others See our entire A variation of the shed style is to create a gable at the peak of the roof and extend it over your porch as here modified shed style roof A shed roof is easy and cost effective to build Adding exterior

Mar , You would think that the metal room would have been much cheaper to build, and actually it would have cost much more The metal room est We chose the hip roof because we didn t want the opening with the screens at the top of the room, that you get with a gable roof I knew that I couldn t cover those

Oct , with her husband to make sure we can actually afford the house we are d ing, which is keeping the Mr from hyperventilating mostly It s kind of nice having the builder say yes you can afford this gable peak roofline or no you can t have circle windows because they cost a zillion dollars each..

Sep , A balcony, enclosed in glass, was excavated from the north side of the building to act as a light well, filling the space with light, but also maintaining privacy from the neighbors to the east This balcony is covered by a redwood pergola, which further softens the light and creates pleasing shadows that track

Oct , In , a palace was built and it was here that Louis XVI spent his last days before being executed The Square Georges Cain seconds as a lapidary depot a clock gable and columns from the Tuileries that were salvaged after a fire and several sculpted pieces from Louis XIV that come from the chateau of

Rise and run is critical to building a porch roof, cutting rafters, and even figuring out the amount of shingles to purchase Rise and run affects Slope also affects costs A roof (pretty steep) Option If you have a gable end on your house, place the level against the rafter on the roof s overhang Again, use the inch

Mar , Magic Green Homes has created prefabricated Hobbit homes that are so easy to construct, just about anyone can build one in just three days Made from Moscow based BIO Architects created a tiny and adorable holiday retreat with a patio that can be assembled in just one day The cozy timber dwelling

Nov , The southern gable of the house, which overlooks the street, is entirely glazed and leads out onto a timber pergola that extends out from the house arranged prefabricated panels with regular dimensions helped to create a rhythm in the home s facades and roofing, while also reducing maintenance costs.

Jul , But unlike Bradaschia s other barrack designs, the Saluzzo project involved an extension rather than the development of a new building Expansion of the Carabinieri Station in Saluzzo by The police station known as the stazione di carabinieri in Italian is located in a historic part of town but is housed

Mar , They wanted a replacement single storey house, with small windows, of traditional construction Wickstead Lodge by Adrian Baynes The client wanted a two storey, contemporary house Wickstead Lodge by Adrian Baynes The solution was to sink the building into the ground and create three gables so as

Jan , building a front portico the outside of my home and it s the first thing I notice now when I m driving up to my house, so I m going to share how building this front portico came about I m going to share the cost of what I spent on this project, just because I know everyone likes to see how much things cost.

Feb , pergolas, gazebos, curtains, architectural lighting, Domotics, home automation and home entertainment All this and more will be on hand at this tantalising event that is sure to make a hit with visitors to Milan s exciting Design Week Space and interiors event The New Components Code exhibition

Unfortunately, many new homes are also built with small front porches to minimize construction costs An additional patio area with a pergola has been added to increase the outdoor living space This is a great Porch design with a combination gable roof over the entrance and shed roof spanning the remaining porch.

Sep , Contrary to the surrounded constructions wich have heavy bases, the building floats onto the void of the ground floor where are the hall, the common premises and the parking This parking under the porch is extended on the courtyard side and covered with a pergola Covered with wooden cladding such

Aug , The main challenge became to create an ideal art studio within the barn vernacular Inverting the traditional gable barn roof created sweeping double height spaces for art production and storage, while providing natural ventilation, indirect northern light conditions, and views out toward the property.

Sep , The architects used blue slate bricks to build the new structure, contrasting against the original brown brickwork of the existing house Alwyne Place by Lipton Plant Architects The extension has provided a wonderfully modern addition to a beautiful Victorian property and through the dark brick and subtle

Apr , J Roc Design has built a Vermont home with three wings around a central hub, creating a wheelchair accessible upper level that spreads across a hillside Above the black floors, a mid toned gabled ceiling helps to reflect the much of the natural light The dark palette offsets the weightlessness of the

Oct , A skylight and glazed gable situated by the examination area are intended to distract patients during their appointments Dentist practise in Bruges by Declerck Daels The glazed gable points towards a small garden patio, which is tucked behind the lower section of the building to hide it from the street.

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Even a handful of nails or a few tubes of strategically applied construction glue can dramatically increase your house s odds of staying put in a storm The fact is, your home is Bracing Hip roofs, in which all four sides slope toward a central ridgeline, are naturally more wind resistant than gable roofs One way to strengthen

Mar , Trellis canopy shades courtyard of Pergola house by Apollo Architects Wave by Apollo Architects Associates Almost every room in the house features a glazed wall or window facing down to the courtyard, which has a tree at its centre This helps to bring plenty of light into the building The space can

Aug , Bureau de Change Architects gave this London house extension a pleated ceiling to create the illusion it has been squashed onto the rear of the property London extension by Bureau de Change Architects zigzags like a row of gabled houses

Feb , The larch walls extend beyond the house to enclose a matching gabled playhouse and a garden terrace Dove House by Gundry and An internal light well is formed where the new insertion meets the existing fabric of the building to bring light into the centre of the house From immediately entering the