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Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Delhi Chapter Mughal Period (th century) As can be seen in the elevation d ing above, a large number of jharokahs decorative windows, and the octagonal turrets at the corners of the walls are distinctive features Interior tile work A lamp niche.

Aug , So grab your grandpa s letter sweater or your granny s floral girdle and get to framing! View More DIYs DIY Ideas for Updating Thrift Store Art DIY Serious DIYs for People Who Really Really Love Their Cats DIY Make Your Own Art DIY Wall Art Projects for Any Design DIY The Easiest Art Project

Jan , Super Mario Themed Pallet I transformed Pallets into a functional wall decoration Mini Bar Dartboard Themed I transformed Pallets into a functional wall decoration A Pallet With A Vintage Looking Bluetooth Speaker I transformed Pallets into a functional wall decoration Pop Art Themed.

Indian National Trust For Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), Delhi Chapter The Mughal Imperial Citadel Originally named for the paint work that decorated its walls (`rang means `colour ), as well as the colourful social life of its interior, the Rang Mahal was the chief building of the imperial seraglio The palace, made of

Mar , In tow was Painter Kafeel, an artist discovered by Hanif through his HandpaintedType project, which strives to keep the art of India s street and sign painters alive by digitizing it for future generations Painter Kureshi decided to make a rangoli, which is a design or traditional motif that is usually created on

The Lab, in Paris, is as a place where tech and creative communities come together to share ideas and discover new ways to experience art and culture See our latest projects and highlights here.

Jul , If you re holding off on decorating your bare walls for budget purposes, you ll want in on this tip You may have seen our handy list of go to websites for finding affordable framed art or this new online shop that sells the prettiest assortment of digital prints for download, but do you know about this website

Over the past few years, the internationally renowned New York architect Peter Marino has d n up designs for the interior decoration of the two Bogengalerien (Curved Galleries) and the Tiersaal (Animal Hall) In the Langgalerie (Long Gallery), for example, there is an opulent wall arrangement with turquoise porcelain in

May , The artworks of ancient Egypt have fascinated people for thousands of years The early Greek and later Roman artists were influenced by Egyptian techniques and their art would inspire those of other cultures up to the present day Many artists are known from later periods but those of Egypt are completely

Aug , How do Amish decorate their walls Artwork and other items typical in English homes are generally not found in Amish homes That doesn t mean that Amish don t display nice things, however No matter your culture, people still like to fill their houses with eye pleasing items The general rule for the Amish

The cape inspired by Pisanello, on generous loan from Palazzo Pitti s Costume Gallery, is displayed alongside contemporary clothing inspired by other famous work of art in a room wall papered with an article penned by Sergio Tofano, which appeared in Lidel in , where the renowned illustrator imagined Italian

Aug , Add color and drama to any room in your home with these easy DIY wall decor mural ideas and tips to create wall murals like the pros.

Dec , The unique design of this cultural center in Senegal invites the community to use the space and encourages artists to embrace their surroundings.

Jan , IXXI have created a new generation of wall art Using their collage blocks you can easily create personal wall decoration or use one of their collections Their Star Wars collection is easily my favourite, they ve got such a great choice of patterns and artworks You ve got to see them to believe how cool they

Sep , What caught our eye is the corner design detail of the molding used on the walls and ceilings Normally wall molding is a sign of traditional design, but the way it was used in the rooms of this hotel has made it more contemporary Wall Decor Idea Highlight a wall, a piece of furniture or ceiling with

Explore collections and stories from around the world with Google Arts Culture.

Feb , Patiently collecting art expands awareness and maybe your professional network, too Benefits of Collecting Art Besides Hanging Beautiful Paintings on the Wall No More Ping Pong Tables! This Designer Is Each culture comes with its own ideas about life and work When you collect art from across

Jun , Social media queen, decor designer, and the brain behind Studio Mucci, Amina Mucciolo lives her life in color From her hair, to her clothes, to her bubbly I want to live somewhere where I feel inspired and happy because I m an artist, and I work from home a lot SEE ALSO Get ready to obsess over

Mar , Maybe you re maxed out on shopping for art for the moment or perhaps you re just looking to mix up your wall decor with some unexpected elements.

Muralism has become one of the largest artistic and cultural movements in the history of the art world The art form is very democratic He has enhanced city walls around the world with a freehand style as he does not sketches and only designs his painting once he reaches the city and its local context While he prefers to

If you stare at your walls or floor at home and think they could do with some character or decoration, then you are in the right place this app is made with compiled a list of the best wall art tutorials on the web so that you can add character and unique personality to your home include interior design ideas, livingroom wall art,

Dec , Gallery walls were the talk of (and well, quite a bit of time before that), but we (and evidently the design loving community on Pinterest) are ready for something a little different According to the Pinterest report released yesterday, big wall art was one of the most searched for pins over the past

Jul , Art can be expensive, especially art large enough to fill up big blank walls Luckily for those of us with much more time than money, it is very easy to create art yourself that looks great and won t break the bank Best of all, even if you think you don t have an artistic bone if your body you can still create some

Virtual Tour of the Art and Decor of The White House The Ground Floor When she became first lady in , Caroline Harrison continued to pursue the Victorian art form of china painting The glazed south wall is an extension of the East Colonnade facade, with a door opening into the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

Jul , Thousands of years steeped in tradition have influenced Japan s architecture and interior design aesthetic, resulting in a serene and very cultural interior design Replacing a large expanse of wall with a glass panelled sliding door could be a great way to incorporate this style into your own home.

Mar , When the BBC Soup team visited Kathmandu in February to attend Nepal s first Ideas Fest they were struck by the graffiti Photographs by Kathmandu graffiti Street art has made the walls come to life Some works depict local culture, heritage and art, and feature prominent Nepali personalities.