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Jan , To test its ideas, the team made additions to the nests of kites that had hardly any plastic Almost immediately the owners of those nests started stripping out the plastic The birds knew that to make an extravagant display would invite challenges, said Dr Sergio, and very young or elderly birds would not risk

Mar , With Spring almost in the air, the brighter weather is inspiring us to refresh our home interiors This month we re looking at living room ideas for interior design and have complied a list featuring beautiful living room interior trends to help you create a space that is stylish, on trend and contemporary.

Aug , As long as your walls are painted in a darker shade than your ceiling, you can paint your ceiling any colour you want and the room won t feel too small. floral sofa Colour is key When choosing colour schemes for your home, famous interior designers Owl Design who have styled well known festivals,

Apr , The laundry room, instead of being located in the backyard, has been moved upstair in order to create spacious, resort style living space on the first floor Besides, Thai traditional architecture is served as a design inspiration and has been reinterpreted into modern architectural decorative elements such as

Living Room and Family Rooms Same as Bedrooms and Dining rooms Make them cozy and earthy with more muted colors Exercise Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Hallways, Garages, Study Rooms and all other rooms These are all active spaces and can be painted brighter colors Choose the ones that you love and make

Oct , You ll lose a bunch to laundry gremlins so packing extra will come in handy Take an extra bank card and credit card with you Disasters happen It s always good to have a backup in case you get robbed or lose a card You don t want to be stuck somewhere new without access to your funds Make sure to

Sep , Here at Brabantia we love nothing more than keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in interiors news and trends, which is why we adore scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest! Both sites are full of stylish interiors, upcoming trends, DIY ideas and real homes, so there s always bright new ideas for

Jun , Owl Designs Room Where do you seek style inspiration We often visit different shows, Clerkenwell Design Week being one of our favourites as there are always so many beautifully made products to see We try to get out and visit as many design exhibitions as possible, but during busier times blogs and

Oct , Which room in the home do you enjoy designing and styling the most and why The living room because it s the room where we arrive home, where we welcome our friends and where we are the most! But I confess I do get a lot of pleasure in decorating my daughter s room, it was my principal activity at the

Oct , This week we are privileged to have an exclusive interview with the President of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), Vanessa Brady What decorating techniques would you recommend to a homeowner who wants to update a room without spending a fortune One of the simplest

Jun , Careful detailing and a cohesive design approach allowed us to seamlessly combine the two apartments into a single home A breakfast area was added to the existing kitchen, acting as a transitional space and opening up views across the apartment Two new bedrooms and a utility room were also

Dec , The Inspired Room over at the Inspired Room, dedicated interior blogger Melissa loves to share simple, doable ideas to decorate, organise and love the home you have Budget conscious but also appreciative of good designs and well kept homes, Melissa has been honoured two years in a row,

Nov , Also we had to design and build exclusively the spaces that were really needed, letting go of any extras and fitting each measure to their style and way of life A compact and useful In the Semi Public module is the kitchen, a full bathroom intended for guests and a laundry room And the Public module has

Oct , Interior designer Jill Goldberg agrees In a recent article for the Huffington Post she writes of the beauty of this hue as a pop of color or a detail in a room, perhaps on a table or on a wall. Goldberg continues Orange can incorporate easily into a neutral space or even in a room full of colour a toss pillow on

Sep , Inspired by termite hills, from which they take their shape, the shell houses of the Mousgoum people of Cameroon in West Africa illustrate the possibilities of earth architecture These beehive like I always thought that a roof or a room should not exceed a certain height, he says But in Indonesia, poor

Nov , It s time for our brand new Design Insights Interview! This week we are pleased to welcome Isabelle from inspirational interior blog La Minute Déco A former deco journalist for over years, Isabelle created the blog to show the world everything she loves, from interior inspiration and decorating ideas to the

Those giant fuzzballs are Cameroon juju hats from Africa, and they re starting to go mainstream, having made appearances on HGTV room redesigns recently But can we chat honestly, you and I I don t get it Maybe it s the result of being a child of the s, but they remind me of koosh balls those squishy balls with rubber

Jul , Afterwards the Deco Design websites were born a community of over , francophone and around , international readers per month JO_YANA How would you describe your interior style Arty Design Nordic Of all the rooms you have designed and styled, which has been your favourite

Feb , Despite the fact that the apartment has two floors, the second floor originally had no specific function, and was an empty open space with the adjacent bedroom and bathroom facilities On the first floor, there were two bedrooms and a kitchen with a living room Due to the unfortunate location of the staircase,

May , Upstairs, the Glass House has large double bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom The master suite has its own walk in wardrobe and views overlooking the garden and the top of the glass extension below All the essentials have been accounted for, in the form of utility and laundry rooms, study and

Jul , We ve put together a post of bedroom colour ideas, with our favourite colour palettes, to help you create a bedroom that s true eye candy! Laundry Bin L White Mood Bathroom How about creating a soft and subtle bedroom decor Blend on trend pale pastel walls with fresh white furnishings

Apr , Refreshingly unorthodox design for the person family home near Stuttgart named Ols House is work of Jürgen Mayer H Architects The new, person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan

Oct , Barbara HR What inspired you to delve into interior styling and how did you get started It started with decorating my room when I was a little year old girl Lots of years later, after studying Dutch, I was very lucky to start my editing and magazine career at the Dutch magazine vtwonen I learned a lot

Jan , Home furnishing and textile manufacturring companies such as Alps Industries, D Decor, Indo Count, K.G Denim, Trident and Welspun will present their Riddhi Jain, the winner of Interior Lifestyle Awards , will be showcasing Re by Medium, a collection of home textiles and wall art born from the

Nov , This African Decorative item is called a Natural Bamileke Bed It was hand carved and comes from Cameroon This particular bed has no This elegant African decor accent piece adds a sculptural element to any room, and will enhance any living space in your home or office The original stools similar

Nov , The term sensory overload could have been designed for Kathmandu, a medieval hill city, dirt poor, rich in ritual, dragging its ass into the twenty first century in a clutter of motorbikes and mass tourism, the air a rich soup of dust, vehicle emissions, riverside cremations and burning plastic, of incense, joss