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Feb , A drainage mat and mortar blocker system including a panel and polymeric drainage mat which includes protrusions on the front side and be easily affixed to a wall and or provide insulation to a wall including, but not limited to, fibrous material such as glass fibers and cellulose fibers, composite materials,

Aug , The same method is used on long side as well as short side, and the boards are usually laid in parallel both long side against long side and short side Such a laminate floor has the same appearance as a real wooden floor but can be produced at a considerably lower cost and with better properties as

SIP s are made from a layer of foam insulation, sandwiched between pieces of plywood, strand board or cement panels According to the National Association of Home Builders, the material is fire resistant, suitable for basements, foundations, floors and load bearing walls Although the cost of these materials splurges in

A plurality of sheet retaining members in a spaced relationship to one another is maintained on the legs of the spacer frame between the glass sheets and spaced from the base The sheet retaining members each have a pair of flexible fingers mounted on a platform member, angled away from the platform member toward

Feb , Downspouts and drains are integrated inside the walls or columns of the building Hidden gutters themselves are integrated behind fascia Such hidden gutters have two primary disadvantages First, fascia partially obstructs the view of tiled roof , an esthetically undesirable result Second

In particular, the invention relates to trailer sidewall panels and joints for such sidewall panels, in addition to trailer walls, floors, and roofs the field for further advancement in the joint structures between wall panels for constructing cargo bodies that are lightweight, efficient to manufacture and assemble, and cost effective.

BC Ornamental plaques, e.g decorative panels, decorative veneers containing stone elements The present invention relates to the construction and installation of tiles, especially decorative floor, wall and ceiling tiles Specifically In this way, the overall thickness and cost of the surface covering is reduced.

Jul , The building frame defined in claim , wherein the columns are steel, and the beams are one of roof rafters and wall top plates The present invention combines with structural insulated panels (SIPs) to provide a building system that is well insulated, highly cost effective in material cost and construction

A process according to any one of claims to wherein step (b) produces a slag which is depleted in metal values and an alloy, and which includes the step of not merely by resistance heating in the slag The furnace roof and walls are cooled (for example, by water cooled copper panels) to retain the integty of the

d├ęc The values maX (h ) and minutes (h ) are obtained as follows The height h is the height of the highest peak measured by laser particle sizing according to a representation in volume For example mineral foam of the invention can be used for casting walls, floors, roofs during a construction project.

J PUGH BELT su rmxc MACHINE Sheets Sheet Filed Dec J PUGH BELT SLITTING MACHINE March , Sheets Sheet Filed Dec the axle is a rectangular shaft portion upon which are keyed separate rewind cores which may be formed of wood, plastic, composition material, or metal.

The multi level assembly of platforms, conduits, grates, bridges, tunnels, walls, pools, wheels, props, and controls for various water effects invite participants (wet or dry) to play and observers Roof panels are positioned upon the uppermost levels of endoskeleton and can serve as a shade device for participants .

The shape and material results in easy assembly and ensures flow separation, for example by means of fins or bands made of rigid plastic injection molds, of metal sheets or cords made of elastic sealing material like rubber It is appropriate if the separating device is part of an entry or exit guidance wall, a jacket layer and or

Also provided is a coating composition containing such a synergistic antimicrobial composition, and a dry film made from such a coating composition insulation, exterior insulating finishing systems, roofing and flooring felts, building plasters, bricks, mortar, gypsum board, wood products and wood plastic composites.

Nov , The tile systems provide improved thermal properties to floor and wall coverings in either heated or unheated applications The effusivity values in Table illustrate why an unheated ceramic tile floor can feel colder than a floor made using wood, plastic laminates or carpet, because the tile can pull heat