sound insulation wood plastic composite wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The knock down sound attenuating system includes a plurality of sound attenuating wall partitions (,) whose longitudinally extended end portions have the structural members, while being disclosed as being formed of a wood composition, other materials, such as metal, plastic, and composites or the like may be

In a further advantageous embodiment, an insulation body for sound insulation and or for thermal insulation is provided in the wall element Thus, it is for example possible for an insulation effect of the wall element formed as a hollow body to be enhanced by foaming plastic in the cavity or by inserting a prefabricated

Jul , A laminar, sound absorbing structure used for constructing walls, floors, ceilings or doors, which comprises a panel capable of attenuating The constraining layers can be metal, cellulose, wood, plastic composites, vinyl or other porous or semi porous materials The resulting attenuation of sound is

Accordingly, impact sound such as footsteps on the tiles passing through the horizontal base surface is substantially diminished by the thickness of the horizontal disassociation cushioning layer, while the tiles form a dynamic, movable system, with the elastomeric sealant joints compensating without breaking of the joint or

Aug , A wood concrete composite system (, ) has a wood construction component (, , , , ), an intermediate layer (, , , , creates a sound coupling, which prevents the serviceability of a wood concrete composite floor unless further sound insulation elements are added.

Jul , The sound dampening device combines shock absorption, vibration damping and vibration isolation The use of sound dampening device reduces sound even for the rebound surfaces made out of wood, plywood, oriented strand boards and plastic rebound panels in addition to the composite material

Oct , In certain embodiments, one or more cells of a structural panel component may be filled with a filler, e.g thermal insulation, noise reduction insulation, or a In the prior art, conventional construction materials, e.g steel, concrete, and wood, are used for high performance deck and wall structures because

Movement due to moisture takes place in the outer areas of the floor along the walls concealed under the base boards By HDF are meant board To reduce the sound level, floating laminate flooring is installed on a sound absorbing layer of plastic foam, rag paper, textile fiber and the like These layers have also been

Mar , The building system of claim , wherein said fill material comprises one or more materials suitable for sound attenuation or thermal insulation the surrounding window opening frame section wherein the underlying wall section is a solid structural insulated panel (SIP) formed of wood, pre cast concrete