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Apr , Sir if it s not a problem can you please give me the address for the TRC distribution I want to buy this same stair jig that you have it s the best one that I seen I can t find it anywhere please if it s not a When you cut your tread is that essentially a preassembled tread made up of the boards and nose together

Dec , When you live in a small space the last thing you want is a big bulky staircase But you still need to get up to the other levels in your home, so how A ribbon staircase is a great idea for a small space because it s more vertical than a traditional staircase, it still has wide treads, and it creates a unique

Dec , This only left a tread depth of four inches Trying to walk up the stairs in a normal matter was rather treacherous One s toe was constantly catching on the tread already occupied by the opposite foot Then when your foot came down, it was only on the ball of your foot that you could get your purchase.

Watch this video to for step by step instructions on how to repair and resurface concrete steps on your home As it hardens, he s able to work it more and more to get exactly the shape he needs, so that when the forms come off, the color is the only indication that there was ever a repair We re about to correct that Danny

Before building the wooden form for the concrete stairs, we recommend you to get accustomed to the components of a regular star Therefore you have to decide from the very beginning the dimensions of the treads and risers, taking into account the slope and the run of the stairs Remember that the height of the risers and

apply morter to clad concrete steps in stone Photo by Kolin Smith Get started by using a chip brush to apply a thin coat of acrylic bonding agent to the installation area to give it extra grab Then mix mortar to the consistency of warm, creamy peanut butter Using a brick trowel, apply a ? to ? inch layer to the back of a corner

Apr , We had planned on getting to this project eventually so we had already purchased our xx pine boards for the stair treads and had them in the house to acclimate to the surroundings Wood expands and contracts so we really didn t want any surprises with how they fit once they got used to our house.

Sep , The space savings of a ladder but will full treads and a reasonable rise I personally love them, but some people find them confusing The trick is to start right, and only step on the wider tread area, with the correct foot left foot, right foot, left foot you get the idea Here s how I designed my stairs .

Apr , Once I was sure the ongoing moisture wasn t building up any longer on the steps, I was ready to replace some boards! To get started, I measured the length, width and depth of the boards to match up at the hardware store Once I found the correct replacements with matching width depth measurements,

Nov , You can tweak the math any way you want here, but keep in mind that the closer you get to code (minimum of treads and maximum of risers) the more comfortable your stairs will be Now, let s build some boxes Accuracy is very important when building stairs In order to maintain a good flow, you

The following is a sample from my book , Steps Blueprint The Daily Walking Habit for Healthy Weight Loss and Lifelong Fitness If you re having trouble developing the exercise habit, then I recommend taking the , steps challenge and check this book out to find out more about a routine that can be added to

Jul , Since then, the company has been busy touring various medical and invention shows, working to get the chair to market What makes the Lee explains that the design gives the chair a snakelike c ling ability on stairs, simultaneously gripping the stair tread and the riser tread corner As you can see

Share If you missed Part , , , , and of my Stair Case series, be sure to check them out here We ended up buying a second electric sander so we could both work on sanding at the same time and we use a TON of sandpaper But after all Can you see how the stair tread color is NOTHING like our railing color!

Sep , It s a high impact, low cost project that really completes my house pine stair treads We went up to Blue Ridge, GA to a lumber place up there, Appalachian Supply and picked up long, thick pine stair treads This was cheaper than buying the shorter lengths from the big box store, so that was a smart

Dec , There are a lot of websites that will tell you to use spray adhesive to get your stencil to stick Others will tell you to simply tape it onto your surface and paint away Neither of these work very well We tried taping the stencil on and then used all of the different brushes sponge brush, stencil brush, and a roller.

Get one step closer to ushering your home into the st century by automating your blinds using this smart motorized blinds conversion kit It s compatible with heated stair mat This tough stair mat is designed to handle all the rigors of winter and melts up to two inches of snow per hour so that your steps remain snow free.

You ll need to supply a sample or two, intact if possible For paint grade work, maple is ideal because it s strong and smooth For stain grade balusters, ask the company to match the species, too Finish the new balusters before you install them, either with paint or polyurethane, then follow these steps to get your stairway

New treads, risers, and a runner dress up this old staircase All images in this You may not want to replace the treads in your tired staircases, but you can wake them up with a runner The install is In her spare time (yeah, right!), she gardens, manages three dogs, and plots to get her year old out of her basement ×

How to Install a Low Cost Stair Runner TOH reader Jaime Shackford used two off the shelf woven runners (about each) to make put some grip on her slick oak steps By This Old House magazine Get Started Who Jaime Shackford Where Edmond, Okla What Got a good grip on once slippery stairs with a DIY

At last! Wednesday, March , Heeeeeyy! Yay! Progress! Suddenly, in a flash, outta nowhere, I finally had an idea for the back stair The steps anyway The rest of the Get transferred to a nearby store, no nothin but a flooring guy gives me some tips use adhesive primer and cut with a utility knife That s all he said.

Jun , We came across websites like this one, that had removable stair treads, but it still came out to for stair treads (ouch!) We would have needed to buy sets to cover all of our stairs, which was way out of our budget One of our cheaper options that we came up with was to purchase several of the

Feb , Basically to get a big bunch of praise when your home my love language apparently!) Staining Stair Treads a Walnut Finish () At the same time we finished the two landings (I left the upper stairs carpet, and while it may seem strange it was the easiest place to stop the wood since our family