ideas for 4x4 composite posts

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Dec , Ken introduced me to his idea of a four wheel tire slaying classic Mustang during a hangout session one evening at his home in Park City, Utah He wanted a classic Mustang that looked period correct and was absolutely bat shit crazy Low, wide, and a slayer of all tires summed it up This beast needed to

Feb , We would love to continue to conversation, but unfortunately we have reached the max number of posts for this particular thread, and each additional I m probably in the minority with this, but I love the idea of my personal phone solving as many needs as possible, and I have some angst over the fact that

Jul , Note how the square sheet sits flush with the floor so the thickness of the plastic is not overly important We opted for the thinnest sheet available You ll either spend lots of time trying to pull them out between shots or have to laboriously Photoshop them in post afterwards I have also tried various reflective

The resulting Twist sculptures are a composite of differing frames of thought scientific, ethereal, organic moving from an analytical investigation to one that calls Similarly, the avant guard compositions of John Cage, who came to the idea of chance controlled music in the s, uses the I Ching, an ancient text on

A method of storing a first bit pattern in non volatile memory of a device, the method comprising (a) applying a one way function to a second bit pattern associated with the device, thereby to generate a first result (b) applying a second function to the first result and the first bit pattern, thereby to generate a second result and

Aug , Lately I ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house This is big news I do not decorate Arguably, one of the reasons why is because I absolutely hate to buy mass produced decor (Also, I can t ever remember if pink and purple go together or not.) Anyway, this extends to photo frames.

Jan , x boxes deep are common, and you can mate these with single and double gang face extenders for mounting switches and outlets Keeping the wiring in the furred space is really an essential component of this wall idea you basically should only poke though that plastic sheet for really really

Apr , Many of your mentioned that you felt that the capsule wardrobe based on the Sophie Taeuber Arp painting (see it here) would work beautifully combined with the wardrobe inspired by the composite photograph of a lunar eclipse (see that one here) You re a bright I think this was a great idea How to

Prairie Husband is a stickler for building things out of quality materials that last, so needless to say, my idea of using old pallets and scrap lumber to construct the I m up in the Florida panhandle and I m about to experiment with a X raised bed made with cinder blocks and lined with the metal panels (to help with

Sep , Grille fit with some trimming headlights the same Truck looks real good now.

Normally it is placed behind the window, to allow it to (for the most part) appear to composite with the views in the hierarchy By setting this, you cause it to be placed above the window This means that none of the contents of the window this SurfaceView is in will be visible on top of its surface Note that this

Aug , Surprise Number I had inadvertently destroyed the footer lumber Over the years, it s a matter of good maintenance to ) If you re going to buy a used set anticipate surprises, and you surely have a very good idea what many of those could now be Will there be others I m sure And to that point,

Synthetic Decking Dealing with Joists, Posts Beams Chapter Tools for the Job Groundbreaking Tools Measure Twice, Cut Once Power Tools posts Posts are typically x or x square pieces of lumber that come in a variety of lengths that support the actual deck and any railings Header Joists form the