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Sep , Print a bunch of spider silhouettes and cut them from a plywood sheet Next, paint them black and add to your front yard s decor cool outdoor halloween decorating ideas Spying skeleton would easily become a centerpiece of any front yard s Halloween display These spiderwebs are easy and inexpensive

May , A FITNESS enthusiast selling a treadmill online was propositioned by a randy buyer who tried to get a discount in exchange of sexual favours even sending him a picture of her BOTTOM.

May , EXCLUSIVE Decaying £million Grand Designs eco house is the centre of eight year land dispute with neighbour who claims architect owes her £, Pictures of the house, which cost more than £million to build and was praised by experts on the Channel show, suggest that it is past its peak.

Feb , In practice sceptics wonder whether trucking goods over one of the world s highest mountain ranges will ever be cheaper than existing sea routes They suspect The sense of containment will only increase with plans to build a security fence that will completely surround the town as the port is developed.

May , I read somewhere that Woody Hyezmar is going to complete his woodworking plans book and put it up for sale (at last!), google him and you should be able to get it Are they for sale here in the UK (if not they should be) They would simplify building a double gate into my fence using the existing timber.

Mar , Smaller ponds obviously take up less space and can lend themselves to small design flourishes that make a big statement Asian Landscape by Ami Leidner says a feasible budget for a professional installation of an average size pond is , minimum, which includes pump parts and labor but not fish.

Sep , Watch the fence climbing, door opening robot dog that could be yours for £, If you re looking for the Admittedly, taking the mechanical critter home for Christmas isn t going to be cheap The estimated price The Minitaur robot casually climbing a fence (Image Ghost Robotics) However, that price

Jun , We ve gathered lots of small urban garden design ideas for your inspiration to use planters that can be moved, hanging planters, window boxes, allow your trees grow through your terraces and porches, decorate your fence or even hang some shelves to display plants or some garden decor on them.

May , Shocking pictures show how five a side footballer lost his FINGER when wedding ring got caught as he jumped over wire fence to get the ball back WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT Samuel Bowles said blood spurted out like a water pistol during incident Pals put finger on ice during trip to hospital but it

Jul , The cans were cut up and applied to just about every surface, used as siding, decorative trim and fencing (images via plentyofcolour, design squish, inhabitat) There are lots of DIY used shipping container house plans for those interested in giving this cheap, eco friendly building material a shot.

Aug , Swiss Garden is both beautiful and peaceful [ANDY MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHY] The historic design, on the Shuttleworth estate near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, is an alpine landscape of rustic bridges over streams and grassy glades, with quirky buildings and woodland paths threading through the

Apr , The same idea in the previous photo is employed here, except with a semitransparent material to increase visibility without sacrificing security Though we ve come a long way from the simple method of sinking a fence in a ditch to provide an invisible barrier, contemporary garden designers are still using

May , With Google Lens, Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries, there s no good reason to use Apple Photos anymore No thanks, I m too cheap Though Google didn t explicitly say the ability to remove obstructions like the fence in the photo below would be a feature coming to Google Photos, the fact that

Jul , Born from a conscious manipulation of UK planning legislation, what does this exceptional example tell us about historical and future threats to public space in Britain At an estimated cost of £m it might even be thought relatively cheap in the context of an overall security budget of more than £m.

Oct , Instead of jumping in feet first, it pays to collect as much background information as you can Compile a file of catalogues from specialist nurseries and suppliers, and add your own notes and photos from gardens you ve visited Consult a few books, so that by the time you come to design your patch, you

Jan , A THRIFTY pair of university friends decided that, instead of travelling by train miles across Britain, it would be cheaper to meet up on Spain s Costa del Sol.

Jul , For centuries, artists have used all sorts of techniques for giving an image captured on a flat canvas a feeling of depth, and you can borrow some of those to make your garden look bigger Tackle the most obvious problem first, and for established gardens that is probably going to be overcrowding.

May , From wrought iron masterpieces to simple wooden designs, there s a gate for any garden Houzz UK contributor Freelance interiors journalist with A DIY branch gate like this is a simple and inexpensive way to add rustic appeal to your garden, and blends in effortlessly amid a natural setting Pick up a

Jan , We collected photos of what borders between countries across the world look like, from walls, to rivers, to barbed wire fences In , Bulgaria began plans to build a fenced Bulgarian Turkish border, its purpose to keep refugees from the Middle East and North Africa from entering the country.

Mar , Photo iStock Electric fence use in horse pastures varies greatly across breeds, disciplines, and geographic locations But regardless of where you are located or what Installing electric fence in large pastures allows horse owners or farm managers to subdivide the pasture in a low cost, temporary way.