patterned surface honeycomb panel

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The flange portion has an anchoring surface that provides frictional engagement of the septum caps to the honeycomb cells when the caps are inserted into the honeycomb during fabrication of the acoustic Alternatively, the adhesive may be screen printed onto the septum material and staged before insertion into the core.

The flexible pre impregnated composite sheet is positioned onto a work surface and a vacuum sheet is operatively coupled to the flexible pre impregnated In an exemplary embodiment, the breather strips are constructed of polyethylene, are slightly thicker than the release strips , and comprise a honeycomb geometry.

A decorative thermosetting laminate with an extremely increased abrasion resistance comprising a base layer and at least two patterned decor sheets of paper DH Structures being applied on the surface by special manufacturing processes, e.g in presses characterised by the overlay sheet or the top layers of the

Oct , To transfer this technology on a flexible substrate, we use a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) molding process followed by surface chemical modification It results in so called sticky Control of the chemistry outside the pores in honeycomb patterned films Alberto S de León , Adolfo del Campo , Christine

As set forth above, the reinforcing layer of the expandable structural member may comprise a continuous sheet or may be in the form of a grid pattern wherein intersecting points of the grid pattern are bonded to an adjacent surface of one of the outer skin members A top view of one embodiment of a reinforcing layer in the

Methods and systems for effecting responses on surfaces utilizing microlens arrays including microoptical components embedded or supported by a support m air microoptical component hexagonal shaped structures generated by a hexagonal array of m air optical components and a honeycomb pattern generated

In that instance, a patterning device, which is alternatively referred to as a mask or a reticle, may be used to generate a circuit pattern to be formed on an individual A pellicle formed from graphene flakes may have a less uniform thickness and a less flat surface than a single sheet of graphene, and may be more

For example, the openings may be generally diamond shaped as illustrated in FIG , or generally square as illustrated in FIG The plurality of openings may be arranged on the metal foil sheet in any suitable pattern for facilitating the flow of a resin mixture through the sheet For example, as illustrated in FIG.

Mar , A system for generating three dimensional objects by creating a cross sectional pattern of the object to be formed at a selected surface of a fluid medium of the object, whereby a three dimensional object is formed and d n from a substantially planar or sheet like surface of the fluid medium during the

Jul , The innovative machine and method folds sheet material by force converging the sheet to a final stage that imparts a final fold or pattern into the sheet material, the patterns selectively including one of a Chevron pattern, a honeycomb like pattern, a double sided inclined folded core structure, and singular

An object of our invention is to provide a machine for making honeycomb core material in which resin impregnated fabric material is fed through a heating area, d n between Figure is a fragmentary perspective of the core material showing its preferred embodiment as a stabilizer between two metal surface sheets.

Apr , the viscoelastic glue forms a first pattern and the structural adhesive forms a second pattern, wherein the first pattern covers an area no less than of a total surface area of the panel The laminated panel of claim , further wherein the viscoelastic glue forms a first pattern and the structural adhesive

Currently existing silica fibrous insulations, known as Advanced Flexible Reusable Surface Insulation (AFRSI), as described in Ceramic Eng Sci The honeycomb patterned sheets have lower thermal diffusivity conductivity without increase in weight and provide substantial weight savings over conventional insulations.

A magnetophoretic display panel comprising a plurality of cells that are sandwiched between two substrates and each of which is filled with a liquid dispersion comprising Hence, despite their porous nature and low density, the magnetic particles of group () are highly resistant to corner deformation and surface wear.

The honeycomb material in the region of the damage is removed to provide a cavity to accommodate the repair materials The blind side skin is then repaired in the same manner as that shown for the repair of the panel in FIGS and , although the compliant disc is not necessary since the lower surface of the

Aug , The present invention is related to a chemical vapor deposition method of depositing layers of materials to provide super hydrophilic surface properties, or super hydrophobic surface properties, or combinations of such properties at various locations on a given surface The invention also relates to

Nov , When applied to a surface under carefully controlled conditions, the material self assembles in a repeating pattern of micron sized hexagonal shaped cells resembling a honeycomb over a relatively large area (up to several millimeters) The material is largely transparent because the polymer chains pack

An insulation sheet having first and second layers of facing and a sheet of foam material laminated between the first and second layers of facing A portion of the first layer of facing extends beyond an edge of the sheet of foam material to form a strip The strip has an adhesive applied on one side of the strip.

Aug , Disclosed is a lightweight honeycomb structure that comprises a top panel and bottom panel and a large celled honeycomb layer disposed between the top and a plurality of honeycomb panels that form at least a portion of an outer surface of the payload shroud, each panel including .

Jul , Each honeycomb cell sucks up the solar energy and amplifies it two and a half times, due to the panels hexagonal shape and double glazed glass If installed on sun facing walls of buildings, the panels could produce watts of electricity per square meter SolarOr thinks that the patterned design could

Feb , , EXTHUSION METHOD FOR FORMING THIN WALLED HONEYCOMB STRUCTURES Sheets Sheet Filed Nov , if desired, and the gridwork formed in the outlet face by such slots may be of virtually any geometric pattern such as square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal and circular.

Jan , Hydrogel Inverse Replicas of Breath Figures Exhibit Superoleophobicity Due to Patterned Surface Roughness Jaspreet Singh Arora, Joseph Crosslinking poly(acrylic glycidyl ether) honeycomb film by cationic photopolymerization and its converting to inorganic SiO film Kaijing Zheng , Dongdong Hu

Jul , The present invention relates to to a metal mesh conductive layer and touch panel having the conductive layer A surface of the conductive layer includes a transparent electrode region and an electrode lead region, the transparent electrode region having a mesh made of metal the electrode lead region

Mar , The non ink portions are generally voids in the print pattern that expose the inner surface of the fabric panel In at least one , the pattern for the ceramic print may include a plurality of nested arrangements positioned adjacent to each other in a honeycomb like manner In particular, each side of

Sep , In Situ Immobilization of Silver Nanoparticles on Self Assembled Honeycomb Patterned Films Enables Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Substrates Yang Ou , Li Yang Wang , Liang Wei Zhu , Ling Shu Wan , and Zhi Kang Xu The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , .

May , The present invention relates to a process for joining honeycomb sandwich panels with thermoplastic welds, particularly double interleaf staggered joints connecting the face The mesh includes a repeating pattern of diamond shaped openings of length (L) and width (W) separated by fine line elements.

Dec , Pattern fills works in a simple way it is applied as a fill to selected objects You can apply multiple fills to any object, combining all types of fills (color, gradient, and pattern) using the Appearance panel (Shift F) You can also assign a blending mode and change the pattern fill opacity in the Transparency