composite deck retaining wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Apr , A soil retaining system combining flat sheet pile walls in an open cell configuration includes integral soil anchors to provide an earth retaining system is a cross sectional view of yet another embodiment of the present invention illustrating a composite material sheet pile in accordance with principles of

Hot Tub Deck We moved to a new house in One of the neat features was that it had a hot tub But in my opinion the previous owner had the tub installed oriented the wrong way, which bothered me for I added the wedge stairs made from a bunch of scrap material at the back side to follow the retaining wall.

May , As proposed, relocation of the trail at an existing stone pier allowed it to remain open, but required construction of a retaining wall to stabilize the embankment The bridge superstructure is a straight five span continuous welded steel plate girder configuration with a fully composite precast deck The span

Jan , The apparatus of claim wherein said encasement panel comprises a constant thickness inner wall that makes contact with concrete fill and a parallel decks and superstructures, piles and pile caps, foundation, floor and roof slabs, shear walls, core walls, retaining walls and footings, deep foundation

Feb , This invention provides for construction of ready to use wall panels but suffers from the disadvantage that its capabilities cannot be migrated to in situ Further, the said objectives are accomplished by developing a lightweight composite stay in situation deck form which also may come with or without

Dec , A combination panel insert, fastener having a hold out mechanism, and honeycomb composite structural panel, the combination panel insert, fastener, and structural panel comprising a honeycomb composite structural panel a fastener having a hold out mechanism having a retaining ring and a hold out

Jul , The corrugated plate can be used singly or as double, spaced apart plate assemblies which are hollow or filled with concrete or a like material, including steel reinforcing bars for the concrete The corrugated plate can also be formed into vertical, sectional retaining walls, bin type retaining walls, bridge

Jun , This invention relates to precast reinforced concrete construction of bearing, retaining and curtain walls and including wall panels erected side by side wall panel derives its bearing capacity for compression and or bending from the individual capacities of the different section elements and the composite

Another method in the past was to dry pack the sides by forming the wall with a rather coarse, pea gravel mixture of concrete which was built into a retaining wall by however, the required number of water line tiles can be secured to the adjacent deck slab before the latter are placed in position, and the composite unit then

However, clip can consist of any other suitable material, such as fiberglass, plastic, composite, or an other metal Deck plank is The oblique panels give structural stability to the deck plank while creating an area or void for a raised portion of the alignment lap joint end of the retaining clip Outside vertical