floating deck on slope sweden

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Aug , The expensive boat sank while it was moored in a US city harbour, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage A picture of the vessel was viewed more than times in under hours.

Oct , The brief to the architect was to design a tropical house in reinforced concrete, a deck where the client could rest and gaze upon the scenery of the praised the simple, elegant ingenious solution that addresses many issues including creating a small but high quality public space in the floating structure.

Mar , bright and modern, no heavy wood furniture was used On one side of the bed, a sculptural dresser features wood d ers floating in a skeletal black metal frame On the other side, an actual wood sculpture from Moe s Home Collection gives a touch of nature and a boatload of visual interest to the room.

Jul , The incident sent panic through a busy tourist spot at the Balcon de Europa (Balcony of Europe) in the town of Nerja less than a week after the terror attack in the French seaside resort of Nice.

Jul , The new schedule comes after weeks of delays and cancellations because of a shortage of staff and strikes in a row over the role of conductors at the London based company.

Jan , A key part of the transformation was the creation of the two floating boxes with large windows, each one housing a bedroom Having an enclosed mezzanine would have been too oppressive, Davies says, but any smaller and it wouldn t have been usable for them. So the architects had to try to strike a

Mar , The bluestone plinth accommodates the slope, while the roof gradually inclines The low end of this sleeping portion of the house is the master bath and dressing room, with foot ceilings The ceiling rises to a foot pitch in the living spaces. Contemporary Bathroom by ALTUS Architecture Design.

Nov , Michael Bell Architects Pty Ltd The two story addition opens to and overlooks the back garden, which slopes away from the house The rear of the house, in this instance, is much more important to the owners than the front, and this is where the building relates most eloquently to the site Being to the north,

Located in Area Novara, Italy, Diego Bortolato Architetto was tasked by his clients to unify the residence with the rural buildings that surrounded it To do so the architects chose to contain the main house, and a second service building under one continuous roof The roof was also oriented to maximize solar gain during the

Oct , Because of the slope of the site, it was impossible to get a clear photo of the back of the house To the left is the garage off the back you can see the large kitchen windows and the deck to the right is the master suite addition, which has its own covered porch My clients not only built the house to enjoy their

Mar , And when the owner of a sloping forested lot with views of Whitefish Lake and a ski mountain wanted to build a home that was modern and clean, he intended the design to feel like it still fit with the local style He tapped architect David Contemporary Deck by CTA Architects Engineers CTA Architects

Aug , Gary Cocker complained on Twitter about a man in a dress on his TransPennine Express train, but the rail company replied to say everyone was welcome on their trains.

May , Visitors at San Francisco Dungeon can expect a truly terrifying experience, this summer after bosses incorporated live rats into the tourist experience.

May , Colorado four o clock stands out in hot, difficult parts of the xeric landscape, from what gardeners call hellstrip locations between the street and the sidewalk to south and west facing slopes and rock gardens It s especially lovely paired with yellow flowering composite flowers, such as lyreleaf greeneyes

Jun , House in the Sierra de Arrábida by Eduardo Souto de Moura Called House in Serra Arrábida, the house was completed in but was recently captured by photographer José Campos House in the Sierra de Arrábida by Eduardo Souto de Moura The building staggers down the slope so that is doesn t

Sep , The table was a wedding gift to my parents from my grandaunt, and the side chairs are from my grandmother s country home in Sweden. Pendant lights The grounds are fully landscaped, and much of the slope surrounding the house has been claimed by a circular path that loops around the property.

Nov , Kitchen and dining room, terrace and summer kitchen face the slope, and the living area with a floating deck face the sea The ground floor accommodates additional facilities wine cellar, laundry and facility rooms, wellness and fitness areas that open up to the covered terrace and outdoor pool The pool

Jun , This tree top hotel room by Swedish architects Cyrén Cyrén is accessed via a bridge leading from the hilly forest to an entrance on the roof This project is one of five rooms of the Tree Hotel in Harads, northern Sweden The basic shape of the deck comes from the supporting trees in the slope.

Dec , The lot slopes down from front to back, so this level of the house isn t completely underground, but a long glass panel in the living room s floor functions as a skylight to bring in natural light Expansive decks overlook the courtyard, bringing the landscape into the house and pulling rooms of the house out.

Nov , Finne designed the slope of the roof to collect Seattle s ample rainwater and spill it down onto the rocks He also installed a system The room plays with this lightness, with a counter that looks as though it s floating and a mirror and sconces suspended from stainless aircraft cables The mirror frame brings

Dec , A decking board for use in constructing a flooring surface for exterior use, said board having a convex top surface, a bottom surface and opposite side the top surface of a board through cutting or milling and the like, so that the board has a very slightly rounded convex upper surface sloping off to each

Dec , The islands are the upper slopes of volcanoes that rise from the sea floor (Source NASA Earth Observatory) It was the lovely But then I noticed what was going on in the cloud deck and for me, at least, that elevated the image from the extraordinary to the sublime Cleveland Volcano Aleutian Islands.

May , Holidaymakers can be charged nearly £ more for euros of spending money if they leave getting the cash until they reach the airport, it has been revealed.

Apr , The monopitch roof is contrary to the slope of the hill, which allows the house to tuck into the section, Guthrie says It also means the bedroom and utility areas With its extensive deck space, generous front lawn and expansive views, the illusion is of living large Breezeways connect the three pods, which

Jun , Cain wanted the living spaces as open as possible to highlight the cathedral ceiling, which conforms to the slope of the roof, creating one connected great bathroom sinks and office desk, and the dining room table shown here, which is a thick slab of pine on a sheet of plywood that creates a floating effect.