supermaket interior wall decoration plastic composite panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

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A resiliently expansible plastic ring is held in the cap skirt against rotation and endwise movement relative thereto over the finish, thereby conforming the liner to the finish threads and effecting a side seal supplementing the top seal effected by liner material inside the cover panel compressed against the container lip.

Plastic is molded around the rods, with more plastic provided below the rods than above them, so that, when the plastic truck is removed from the mold and allowed to BC Shaping composites, i.e plastics material comprising reinforcements, fillers or preformed parts, e.g inserts by incorporating or moulding on

A pallet structure that resists damage sustained by prior art pallets in pooled pallet distribution includes a deck and a base separated by opposed block structures Impact guards protect the block structures against impacts that could pierce the walls of the block structures allowing foreign materials to enter an interior space

The dielectric plastic sheet, if light enough, just as with a supermarket plastic bag, may be capable of supporting itself to a wall for limited periods of time but it will not one embodiment of an electric charger, and the internal components of the same, suitable for imparting a strong electrostatic charge to a layered composite.

A lightweight container for soft drinks or the like comprising an outer cylindrical container of form retaining plastic and a disposable inner container of thinner, The bottom is a disc of rigid material, either the same material as the side wall, or different material and is secured to the end of the tubular wall by a ring which is