traditional porch frame and decking

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A healthy dose of Craftsman detail and a cheerful color palette give a new back porch front and center personality The arch, a smaller version of one on the front porch, frames the back entry Homeowners Margot Clemmens view of the renovated porch from the side stairs leading onto the decking, with two View as

Available in a wider than ever array of fun fabrics today, they re an easy way to boost the style quotient of a porch, patio, deck, or swath of lawn Here are Nautical Classic Cape Cod beach Chair with Yellow balau wood frame and cotton canvas, folding deck chairs View as slideshow Photo by Burcu Avsar Cape Cod

Sep , KHouse Modern Patio Section I mentioned earlier that there is a lot of steel on this project it s what s helping us get the cantilevers, window walls, and open spaces we want This required not only steel posts, but specialty steel brackets to work with our wood framing I have included a wall section through

Feb , Houzz Tour Downsizing From a Big House to a Studio and Deck Size Studio square feet ( square meters) outside deck square feet ( square meters) A glass topped dining table with a wooden frame shares space with two orange chairs on a geometric rug over wood flooring.

T amp G decking is both an attractive component to your timber frame house as well as a cost efficient method of construction It saves both labor and material, the ceiling of the lower level There are a number of choices in the width and thickness of the lumber as well as options in the variety of wood used and the final finish.

Jan , You basically take out all zillion staples and remove the fabric to use it as your pattern then put it all back together! Here she is all nakey When all of your fabric is removed you can refinish the wood legs if you want I chose not to remove the deck (the part under the seat cushion) but to simply cover it with

Jan , It s so cute, as well as traditional and classic, just what I envisioned for my own porch First thing they did was build the new decking for the porch floor and built the stairs in He got a new fiberglass door installed for me and I m so happy to have it in place, complete with a door frame and threshold.

Mar , A slide out deck for a recreational vehicle such as a fifth wheel travel trailer with the deck being supported from the frame of the vehicle A further object of the invention is to provide a slide out deck or porch for a recreational vehicle which is movable between retracted and extended positions by means of

Jun , Frame your property with fencing The right fence can enhance your home in more ways than one It provides a clear beginning point to your yard, it can keep children (or furry friends) away from busy streets, and it acts like a frame around the beautiful picture of your property For a traditional home, you

May , If you were to purchase wood for this project, I would recommend one pressure treated × in six foot length instead Pressure treated × (I used mine at the height it was ) Pressure treated × cut to four lengths Drill and bit for pilot holes Decking screws (I used because it s what I had)

By using natural elements and thrifty yard sale, free and repurposed treasures these deck decorating One of my favorite DIY projects in our home is our front deck Some folks who don t live in the south have questioned the wisdom of building a deck without a roof, (otherwise known as a porch.) Yes, a porch would have

Other design goals were natural flow between spaces with minimal hallways, lots of natural light, interesting ceilings and floors, and traditional styling with modern, clean lines Many of the finish This timber frame porch was designed and built in Clarke Co in a woodland setting overlooking a pond All the white oak