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The floors, walls and roof of a framed structure are created by assembling (using nails) consistently sized framing elements of dimensional lumber (×, ×, and so on) at The floors, walls and roof are typically made torsionally stable with the installation of a plywood or composite wood skin referred to as sheathing.

Oct , A composite wall floor system for a building comprising a truss assembly including a bottom chord a top chord a plurality of channel shaped vdrtical stud members, said vertical stud members spaced apart horizontally at standard construction dimensions, e.g feet on center a plurality of diagonals .

Method of making an improved sandwich type insulation wall having internal framework formed by channel bars and transverse members bridging two adjacent All the aforesaid steps, except for fixing the bars to the ceiling or floor structure, can be conveniently done manually by a half skilled or even unskilled worker

June , H FLORA JOINT FOR ROOFING, WALL, FLOOR OR THE LIKE Filed Sept , Z INVENTOR o awmce ga W ATTORNEY United States Patent O JOlNT FOR RQFBNG, WALL, FLOOR R TEE LllKE Laurence H Flora, Cleveland, Ohio, assigner to Tinner Products, inc Cleveland, Ohio, a corporation

Jan , A modular steel framed construction mold apparatus comprised of a plurality of contiguous foundation, cavity wall and roof deck void spaces defined Common practice in the industry is to design a building s structural steel framework and shallow reinforced concrete floor slabs as a composite structure.

Mar , In a composite steel truss and concrete floor construction having spaced apart secondary steel open web truss framing members supported at their ends on US, Apr , , Jul , , Wilfred Wing Chow Siu, Composite steel joist composite beam floor system and steel stud wall systems.

The present invention relates to a building that uses composite light weight panels for structure and a construction method therefor, more particularly, to a to the steel floor by welding or joining means, neighboring steel structure frames being joined together by welding or joining means to form walls roof frames which are

Depending on your home s floor plan, you may have trouble transmitting signals from room to room, or receiving signals from outside In homes and apartments, the most common culprits are Metal Plaster Lath In older homes with plaster walls, metal mesh lathing or even chicken wire was attached to the wall studs and

In one case the panel comprises a wall panel In one case the panel comprises a floor panel The invention also provides a roof assembly comprising a plurality of manufactured panels of the invention In another aspect the invention also provides a method for manufacturing a composite insulated panel comprising the

The network system for bearing tension in the floor includes a number of parallel second roof truss beams , where the second roof truss beam is provided with In the fully assembled and integrally cast composite housing, the wall and the floor are integrally cast at the same time, and hence are advantageous for

A building assembly for efficiently and economically constructing walls, roofs, and floors for a building assembly that utilizes a prefabricated building panel made of a unitarily formed building block having a plastic foam core that is coated on both large parallel sides with an epoxy resin or acrylic and concrete composite

The framing system can also include grout material applied to the composite shear connector and the concrete plank sections to fill the cavities of the assembly to The floor slab in particular is generally required to transmit such forces to building lateral systems, such as moment frames, braced frames, and shear walls,

The present application relates to multi layer construction or building panels and, more particularly, to a intermediate composite panel such as roofing or wall may be used as a wall panel and or ceiling panel for sound insulation through walls and floors ceilings (e.g the panel may be an acoustic floor panel).

Jun , It comprises an undulating metal structure having substantially horizontal bottom walls and top walls interconnected by downwardly and outwardly tapered, In the case of an acoustical composite floor and roof deck, as presently used, insulation clips or expanded foam plastic spacers are required.