embossed surface anti slip honeycomb panels

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,, to Barr discloses a laminated playing card having a flat plastic front panel in which the value and suit indicia are in bas relief U.S Pat No ,, to Bodkin discloses a laminated card construction with embossed raised areas to provide slip between the cards The embossing is localized and does not provide

A sheet material having at least one adhesive surface or one non slip surface, respectively, and provided with slits which allow the sheet material to expand in at least one Field of the Invention The present invention concerns expandable sheet material having at least one adhesive or nonslip rubber like surface thereto .

Surprisingly, extruded sheet formed using a die wherein at least one of the die lips has a beveled edge in accordance with the present invention has better surface characteristics as compared to sheet formed using the dies of th prior art without beveled die lips The extruded sheets obtained according to the practice of the

Typical sound barrier layers include dense rubber and plastic sheets, corks, recycled fibers, and various types of foams The underlayment material may include an additive, such as an anti microbial additive, a flame retardant additive, or an adhesion promoter A vapor The foam may be embossed, textured, or molded.

These include the distinctively styled bumpers, the partly tinted LED headlights, the high gloss black honeycomb grill, the add on parts in matt aluminum and the When braking on a surface that is slippery on one side, it helps the driver by facilitating the proper corrections and makes improper steering movements more

Jun , If slip occurs at one axle, most of the forces are rapidly redirected to the other axle up to percent to the front or up to percent to the rear axle A broadly extended band of air vents, an elegant air conditioning panel and a large decorative surface define the instrument panel layout The MMI monitor

May , Various gel springs can be constructed for cushioning purposes.