decorative exterior wall panels for curtain wall and facade

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

YBroadly curtain walls comprise and are formed from a plurality of pre ,assembled units, sections or panels which are connected together into a complete wall, facade or portion thereof, as desired, at the building rksite and which are secured to beams, columns or other structural members by suitable hangers or other

Oct , Floating front wall for multi storey buildings, as in the preceding claims, characterised by the fact that insulating and soundproof panels () are placed in This exterior sheet, which serves to protect against the weather and is equipped with whatever finish or decoration might be necessary, is positioned at

FIGURE is a fragmentary perspective view of the present curtain wall assembly from an exterior vantage point showing the snap in decorative strip and In general, the present curtain wall includes vertical mullions , horizontal muntins , generally rectangular infill panels , glazing sheets , and vertical retainer

Nov , The present invention relates to energy conversion devices adapted to fit within unitized curtain wall units, particularly photovoltaic modules adapted to be used in power generating systems integrated within building fa?ade or exterior shell structures BACKGROUND It has been long been considered

avr A device for holding juxtaposed optionally glazed panels of a vertical curtain wall for the fa?ade of a building or the like by means of a support their surfaces that bear against the panels (), the fastener means enabling a decorative cover to be fixed thereon from the outside, preferably like a clip,

Aug , A stone cladding system for building has a support frame formed by a plurality spaced apart upright mullions fixed to an exterior of a building by a plurality of stone cladding panels secured to a building structure form a wall by mounting means engagable between tile build structure and each panel,.

Feb , The decorative canopy extends beyond the walls to offer protection from both intense heat and monsoons, but also creates an area where Indian The transparent facade also allows accompanying well wishers, who must remain outside of the terminal due to Indian aviation regulations, to watch as their

Dec , The present invention relates to a rotor disc connecting member for a glass curtain wall or roofing, comprising a support abutment, one end connecting with a truss frame, and the other end connecting with an interconnecting part and the interconnecting part connecting with one end of at least two support

Jul , A prefabricated wall panel has a precast body including at least one decorative design element A wall panel including an outside decorative surface, said wall panel configured to be attached to a substantially vertical supporting wall, said wall panel configured to fit within a plurality of other shaped