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A surf board comprising a substantially hollow hull having arcuate sides with converging ends formed of bottom, side and deck sheets of lightweight material, the adjoining edges of the sheets being joined in air and watertight relation, a rubber mat covering the deck, said deck having corrugations therein, and stiiening

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The field to which the invention pertains comprises precast reinforced concrete beams intended for support of or integration with a variety of deck materials including concrete, whether precast or poured in place, lumber and metallic deck systems The prior art includes two well known

Jun , A dock with a deck supported on hollow floatation chambers is attached to pilings by rings and winds caused by at least a gale force storm of claim wherein said deck is constructed of a material whose density is less than the density of water and said deck includes ballast material, said ballast material

Jul , Another object of this invention is to provide a modular, easily assembled, bridge deck incorporating prefabricated deck panels, made from hollow extruded This structure and technique also permit more efficient use of the elongate aluminum alloy extrusions, thereby reducing material wastage.

Feb , The hull and deck join together by flexing the hull to compensate for opposing draft angles of the hull and deck at the side entry The deck has a floor and at least one other interior component, and terminates in a deck trim flange The hull has at least two hollow pontoons and at least two side rails that

The problems that are overcome through use of the present invention having been initially set forth herein, reference may be had to the d ing illustrating a conventional cooling tower broadly designated by the numeral ID that includes a hollow casing within which is disposed a splash deck assembly broadly

Mar , Here, a sizeable deck constructed from hard wearing ipe wood extends to envelop the garden landscape it becomes an outdoor room unto itself, a three sided open air courtyard Hoggs Hollow Valley House A varied and textured material palette addresses the clients predilection for colour and contrast.

SELF SUSTAINING WALL AND CEILING PANEL FORMING A HOLLOW BODY AND FILLED WITH A FIREPROOF MATERIAL [] Inventor Anton Braekkan, Oslo, Norway [] Assignee A S Akers Mek In ships, a floor profile is welded in a manner known per se onto the deck along the separating lines of the walls.

May , The adhesive material may be inserted into the groove , and the single radial projection may be inserted into the groove As before, the cured adhesive material attaches the bumper to the peripheral edge of the deck and positions the light string , within the hollow bumper , adjacent the

Mar , The technique presents a distinct minimized construction characterized by the ability that concrete can be placed exactly where it yields maximum capacity The technique offers material and cost savings compared with the conventional compact two way reinforced slab structure The technique is suitable

Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly New York Citynot a recently sanitized Big Apple, but a fresh, darker, looser city currently on its way back under different managementplays a When the Harbor Patrol delivers him to the vessel, Mulino climbs a long slippery ladder and makes his way up onto a deck that appears deserted.

As the hollow flanged joists of this invention are to serve primarily as replacements for wood joists in the construction of decks using non wood decking products, which are moisture resistant and are primarily extruded or pultruded, the materials which are used to produce the decking products can serve as a guide for

Sep , There are plenty to choose from but these are my worst building materials You might I m surprised it hasn t found its way into exterior decking yet! Granted its hard to tell until you touch the door whether it s fake or not, but when you try to slam a hollow core door and it is stopped by the wind you know

Jun , An aquatic gliding board as in claim , wherein a layer of a non fibrous material is attached to a portion of one or more of the skin deck and bottom An aquatic gliding The board has a hollow interior, as the honeycomb sheets do not extend through the full thickness of board This approach has not

The profiles of the PVC Lumber System and Vecor Enterprises Inc decking planks include at least one deep channel in the upper surface of and extending The plank is a substantially rigid hollow member and includes an upper face portion , a lower face portion , side walls and and reinforcement braces

The seemingly simple technology isn t easy to manufacture, though Creating a hollow passage means casting the piston as two pieces and joining them via friction or laser welding a lower compression height doesn t just shrink the pistons It also allows for a shorter and lighter engine block as the deck height is reduced.

Aug , One of the most important and advanced composites used in the deckhouse is a material known as syntactic foam, which incorporates hollow particles that entrap air in a polymer The hollow particles are microscopic, sometimes as small as microns (about one tenth the thickness of a human hair), and

Sep , h placing deck closure material around blockouts for said jack or jacks, whereby compression is applied to said deck closure material upon removal of said jack or jacks, wherein said deck material is supported by said longitudinal load carrying members and rests on devices that permit relative motion

A guide to building a hollow cedar S.U.P using cedar planking covering a thin plywood frame featuring our patented rail construction method, making the Materials Equipment Timeless Triangle Rail MethodBlueprint Mods To Spoon or Not To Spoon Cutting Ribs and Spine Making a RockerJig .